Rosen garden SD heads-(Cato,Lovis,ext)

Feb 5, 2020

    1. This discussion is for Rosen Gardens SD heads Cato, Lovis and any other heads.

      Cato heads just shipped out!
      Once I get my head I will be resin and body matching and will post what I find here.

      what are your plans for the heads!?

      Can find @Rosen_garden_bjd on Instagram
    2. I'm thankful there's a thread now for these lovely boys:thumbup.

      I didn't get Cato when he was available, but I was able to nab Lovis during his preorder. I'm kind of sad that Lovis isn't being shipped as well, but when he arrives, I plan to make him my guy, Tahmos', estranged twin brother. I'm hoping he'll work on my spare Loongsoul 68cm boy body when he arrives.

      I just love me those elf ears of his. So nicely sculpted:D:kitty2.
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    3. I love those heads. I have a Rosen Garden Rui head and he is away right now getting a wig made. I really want to get a Lovis one day too.
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    4. When I first saw the concept image for him, it was love at first sight. I had to have him at any cost lol.
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    5. Aaaah the head will be here tomorrow! And I won’t be home at my family’s house to get it x-x
    6. It was like that for me too. I found out about Rosen Garden through a link somebody posted here on DOA about elf ear sculpts regarding Cato. I'd really liked him, but would've felt bad about removing the fangs if I got him. I was so thrilled when Lovis was then introduced with a very similar face and set of ears, and I knew I couldn't pass him up. He's not supposed to be done until the end of this month from what I've been told, but I'm feeling impatient. I hope he arrives sooner rather than later!
      Hope you can work some way into your schedule to go pick him up. Be sure to post photos once he arrives. I'd love to see some owner pictures :3nodding::thumbup
    7. Oh, hi! :: waves :: Wandered over here from the Facebook post.
      I got my Artemis head yesterday. (He was stuck in NY for ages too...)

      My hope is to make him into Otabek to join my Yuri on Ice!!! crew. But I'm a bit on the fence if he is too big to go with my Yurio. The only bodies I have available to try him on right now are waaaaaaay too tall. :sigh
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    8. @Lady Ravenswood
      Hi welcome!!
      Yeah mine just got released today from customs!!
    9. So I got my head and it’s amazing, went to my friends house to try out some bodies. The IOS 80cm body is an amazing match. It’s a little big but I love it.
      the head fits on the neck just a little thick, so the thinner neck would probably have a better look but I personally like the thicker look.
      in all I will be getting this body for him. lol [​IMG]
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    10. Has anyone painted their Cato head yet? I have had mine awhile thinking of what to do... I think I'll start on him in a few days! I bought him on a whim (love at first sight haha) So I didn't have a character in mind when I got him (like I usually do lol) I guess I am just gonna wing it and see what he becomes! I'll post pics in case anyone is interested! <3 I also bought that IOS body because it looks so good! so thank you for posting those pics @Nieomy !!
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    11. @pikkochan
      I’m winging mine also, I got an 2015 iOS body for him but the body is much lighter then the head, different resin and age. But I plan to hide it by black gradient on the hands and neck. Like he’s corrupted and his skin is slowly turning.
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    12. oh that sounds awesome!! I can't wait to see him! I decided to paint an undercut around his head and I purchased 2 wigs, a short silver wig, and a red one. I'll see which one suits him best when they arrive! This was my first time doing an undercut on a faceup here is my progress so far:


      I still want to add a few silver hairs for depth, but I like it so far!
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    13. That undercut looks fabulous so far. :thumbup

      I'm still waiting on news for shipping on my Lovis, and I'm hoping he'll look okay on the recently vacated 68cm Loongsoul boy body I've got. Anyone waiting on Lovis got any shipping notifications thus far?
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    14. @pikkochan
      That looks amazing!! Can’t wait to see him in the wigs.
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    15. here are some WIP pics of the faceup I am doing on my Cato! <3 I think he is looking lovely <3

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Bonus pic of me trying a fur wig on him for fun xD (his actual wigs haven't arrived yet!)

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    16. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Finished his faceup!! I love him~!!! <3 <3 <3
      I can't wait to finish the layaway on his body and for his other wigs to arrive~ it'll probably be a few months before he will be whole >o< but I am happy to see him slowly coming together! Now I have lots of time to think of a name for him xD
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    17. Bumping this! I scored a Lovis head when Rosen Garden had a few heads left after the pre-orders filled, and I just snagged a Cato secondhand :D Grumpy elf/goblin princes abound!

      I'm going to send Lovis to AngelToast for a spa day, not sure what I'll do with Cato yet. But they both have bodies I'm pretty happy with! Lovis fit perfectly on Dollshe Pure body, and Cato looks surprisingly good on Impldoll Star SD male body. Pics below:

      Lovis: [​IMG]Untitled by emac116, on Flickr

      [​IMG]Untitled by emac116, on Flickr

      All pics here: Rosen Garden body hybrids
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    18. Congrats! I also snagged a Lovis head when there were a few leftovers! Haven't decided what to do with him yet. He's hanging out blank on an older Angelsdoll body and the fit seems good :)

      I'm excited to see how your Lovis turns out!
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    19. congrats @emac !! My Cato is still without a body ToT I paid him off months ago so I am just waiting for it to be shipped! I messaged BJDivas last week about it since its been 6 months since my order was placed but they haven't gotten back to me yet ToT I hope he will be shipped soon~
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