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[Rosen Lied] New Limited Dolls * 02/25 update

Feb 25, 2011

    1. New types of dolls and limited dolls are selling on 7:00 PM korean time today.
      I made a discussion thread for this update~
      Hope everyone gets the one they want!! :D
    2. Thank you for the update. I will check it out.
    3. I had never been able to get their limited...it's always sold out. And then you see the dolls in yahoo auction :P
    4. Sorry to hear that... They sell out very fast, especially the popular ones ^^;;;
    5. oh my are they sold out already ? :o
    6. They will be updated on 7:00 pm korean time~
      It's 5:50 in korea right now so approaximately little over 1 hour left :)
    7. does rosen lied offers layaway? and if possible can we buy the limiteds on layaway?

    8. Sorry, but No, Rosenlied doesn't offer layaway~ ^^;;
    9. Yup.
      I hope I can get a limited RL doll one day... I won't sell the doll in an auction; I will keep it ;)
      Thanks for the comment.
    10. Hope you get one one day~~ ^^!!!!!
    11. Thank you. I love their limited especially the (relatively) new dolls like Clover, Lily, and Sage.
      I'd love to get Sage limited one day because I couldn't get it last couple times. lol
      Now, good night.
    12. I would love to have one of their Tuesday Child Elf dolls. They had one that was adorable, Fairy Maret Wild Strawberry, but it was sold out before I saw it. Hopefully, they will have one again.