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Update [Rosen Lied] New outfits and restock of Beige, Aura!!

Mar 11, 2011

    1. Discussion thread for RosenLied

      Hello everyone, this is Rosen Lied.
      Here is the new update list for 11th March.

      **The update will be at 7:00 pm (Korean time)**

      [Restock of Basic dolls]

      -Basic Beige


      -Basic Aura



      -Monday's Child size

      RWM-053 Point Sauvage (Heat resisting Fiber - Creamy color) (restock)
      RWM-057 Short roll wig (Heat resisting Fiber - Creamy color) (restock)

      -Tuesday's Child size

      WT-229 Romantic Shaggy curl (Heat resisting Fiber - Creamy color) (restock)

      To see new outfits that are going to be updated today, click the link below~


      -Monday's Child size

      RDM-099 Pink cream dress (new)
      RDM-100 Strawberry cream dress (new)

      -Tuesday’s Child size

      RDT-177 Strawberry cream dress (new)
      RDT-178 Pink cream dress (new)
      RDT-179 garçons (new)
      RDT-180 garçons (new)
      RDT-181 Cutie overalls (Gray) (new)
      RDT-182 Cutie overalls (Black) (new)
      RDT-183 Blooming (new)