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Rosen Lied Tuesday's Child Question

Feb 24, 2008

    1. I'm thinking about getting a Rosen Lied Tuesday's Child and am trying to work out what clothes are going to fit. Going by the sizes on the chart it looks as though Volks YoSD and Bambicrony are the nearest. This will be my first real tiny, so I'm keen to see what's available before I commit to buying her.

      Can people who have got this girl tell me what clothes fit well. I also want to knit for my girl, so patterns for which other dolls may fit?
    2. No one own one of these girls? :(
    3. Thank you - never heard of Boneka before so I'll be sure to look them up. :) I must have missed seeing that comparison photo - it helps a lot.
    4. I never saw those comparison shot befor, thanks ocean girl!
      When I got my tuesdays child I was told that she would fit bc cio bella and yosd clothing. I have bought her 2 outfits so far that have been sized for these dolls and they fit her fine. I guess it depends on how fitting you want the outfit to be.
    5. Both Yo and Bambicrony clothes fit well, though my Maret boy is wearing Bambicrony size pants. That said, Tuesday's Child kids have much chubbier legs than either Yo or BC kids. They're adorable, but if the clothing is made to fit closely, BC clothes might be a little tight. Here's my boy, Ravi in his default top and a pair of my BC style pants:


      I'll probably draft a new pattern just for Tuesday's Child kids with a little more room in the legs, but the same rise, waist and hip size.
    6. I was just browsing the Rosen Lied site last night and found a limited Maret 1st Anniversary back in stock (someone must have cancelled!) so I snapped her up since I've been wanting a Tuesday's Child. The only thing is she's a white instead of a natural...I'm not sure if I'll like the white or not.

      The Rosen Lied dolls are so cute, I wish we saw more of them on the board.
    7. Congrats, Lana! What great luck!! Please post lots of pics when she arrives. marsh, I love your limited Maret!

      I agree...Bambicrony fits Rosen Lied great except for tighter around the tummy pants.
    8. Lana: you are so lucky! I think that Limited Anniversary Maret is great (love her face-up and her outfit!). Congrats!
    9. Your Maret boy is adorable. I like the shoes he's wearing. Can you pls tell me where you got them from?
    10. Lana, congrats on your ltd Maret. You're so lucky. I tried with the limiteds once before as I wanted a limited beige but with no luck as my pc gave up on me.