RosenLied discussion part 1

Apr 27, 2011

    1. Guess we'll need this new discussion thread now!! :)

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      This is a discussion for RosenLied Wednesday's Child mini dolls.

      RosenLied website:

      Girl Measurements
      Head circumference : 7~8inch
      Height : 41cm
      Neck circumference : 8.5cm
      Chest : 18cm
      Waist : 14.5cm
      Hip circumference : 18.5cm
      wrist : 5.1cm
      Arm circumference : 6.3cm
      Hands (width) : 6cm
      Ankle circumference : 6.2cm
      Thigh circumference : 11cm
      Knee circumference : 7.8cm
      Shoulder to wrist : 13cm
      Elbow to writs : 6.5cm
      Navel to sole of the foot : 25cm
      Waist to bottom of hip : 6cm
      Shoulder (width) : 8cm
      foot length : 5cm
      Eye size : 14mm

      Boy (New Body) measurements
      Measurements for Wednesday's Child
      Head circumference: 7-8 inches
      Height: 43 cm
      Neck circumference: 8.8cm
      Chest: 18cm
      Waist: 15.3cm
      Hip circumference: 19.5cm
      wrist: 5.1cm
      Arm circumference: 6.3cm
      Hands (width): 6.3cm
      Ankle circumference: 6.5cm
      Thigh circumference: 11cm
      Knee circumference: 8cm
      Shoulder to wrist: 13.5cm
      Elbow to writs: 6.5cm
      Navel to sole of the foot: 27cm
      Waist to bottom of hip: 5.8cm
      Shoulder (width): 8.5cm
      Shoulder without arm (width): 6.2cm
      foot length: 5.2cm
      Eye size: 14mm

      RosenLied Rosen Lied Wednesday Child Discussion Part 1:
    2. I found that the Dollheart cloths fit the Benjamin nicely!!
    3. Thanks! I don't have any poses in mind. Would you say the body is a slim MSD or regular size?
    4. I would say regular size, the clothing measurements for him and a Luts MSD seemed slightly off, but they can interchange clothing beautifully, if that's helpful! :D

    5. My first Wednesday's Child girl, The One Lacimoso Flora, arrived yesterday!:D
      I've wanted a Wednesday's Child girl all year since they were released, but the right one never seemed to come along and then when she did, I couldn't afford to go for her. Plus she was a The One and they're always tricky to get.
      The Flora came along, and while I was concerned about her being NS, thought she was just fabulous and had to try for her. I was lucky and managed to bring her home, and it was SO WORTH IT!:aheartbea

      First the complaints.
      For one, the Wednesday's Child girls need bigger boobs. I know this is entirely a preference thing and clearly a mature mini look is not what RosenLied are going for, but everytime I look at her I can''t help but think she needs more in the chest department, especially with her little bra top that looks like it was designed for a more mature doll.
      Secondly, I do think she'd be better in WS. Again, entirely preference as I just don't like NS, but I still find her stunning so it's not going to ruin her for me!

      Onto the GOOD STUFF!:fangirl:
      She has glitter...on her eyelashes! FABULOUS!:aheartbea
      Such a tricky faceup to photograph as she is SO sparkly, but that's so my thing. There needs to be more glitter in the world xD
      The Oscar eyes are of course perfect too, and I'm pleased the wig and tiara I ordered for her from Little Monica worked out.
      The outfit is also SO much nicer in person, though the headdress is much too big to use, and the cloak is MASSIVE! xD

      Anyway, PHOTOS!!!!!!!
      The first is taken without flash, and the second with, so you can see just how much the faceup can change depending on lighting conditions!
      I hope you love her!:)


    6. Isn't she just SO glittery? LOVE IT!:aheartbea
      Her faceup is actually quite simple underneath all that GLITTER! There are even chunks of it on her eyelashes!:D
      I ended up taking a risk and going for Oscar's Cheshire Cat too from the last set of LE releases because I'm convinced there has to be something amazing going on with that faceup. I adore Oscar's work, and there's no way she'd do a boring faceup! Hoping my Cheshire Cat will arrive and be all SPARKLY or something!

      A little bit of extra boobage - as I make up words - would be wonderful!
      I do tend to prefer really booby minis like Unoa, but I'd be fine with the Wednesday's Child girls being smaller chested, as long as they had SOMETHING.
      I feel like the outfit for my Flora was designed with the idea of a slightly more busty doll in mind, and it feels weird that she doesn't have something filling that bra top out!
    7. A bit of boobage would be good but I do quite like that Rosenlied offer a limited choice but make sure they do their dolls well, and in a timely manner unlike other companies who bow to pressure and offer numerous choices but then take months to ship and not always perfect dolls (thinking of Lati for one). I hope to get a Flora this year but as we're on a strict budget (my hubby has started working for himself) she'll take some time to save up for.
    8. Finally my Cheshire Cat shipped!:D

      RosenLied had problems with the pearl eyes apparently, and STILL haven't gotten them in from the factory. So in the end they totally gave up and shipped out the dolls with different eyes so the email said.
      The correct eyes should be shipped out to customers in mid to late March it seems.
      I've got some Oscar eyes for her from Little Monica though so, I'm not too bothered about the crazy eye situation.

      She just cleared customs in Japan so should be here tomorrow!:aheartbea
    9. Yay! I can't wait to see pictures. That was nice of RL to ship dolls and be honest about it. I wonder what the pearl eyes will look like.
    10. She's here!:)

      I haven't opened her yet though as I'm leaving her for later when I've gotten some stuff done as a reward, but her box is sitting here saying OPEN MEEEEEEEEE!
    11. You are so disciplined! :)
    12. Very sad over here. She has arrived faulty. :(
      This is the first time I've seen an LE arrive from RosenLied in anything other than perfect condition, so am really disappointed.
      I haven't even taken her face cover off yet as I've been busy taking photos of the problem to send to RosenLied.

      Basically the knee joint on her right leg is just wrong. I can't tell what the problem piece is, but there is a gap between the calf piece and a thigh piece.
      I'll include a photograph so you can see what I'm talking about.

      It really feels like they just rushed her out and no one really checked her, as this was the FIRST thing I saw when I opened her up, and that's just really sad because RosenLied have always provided perfection. After waiting so long for her, and still not even having the eyes she was supposed to come with, it makes me worry that they're having problems. ;3;

    13. Oh no what a disappointment :( I'm sure RL will fix things for you, their customer service seems really good.
    14. I really hope so!:sweat
      They do have great customer service and I'm sure they'll fix it, but I'm really not sure what the issue is.
      If it's just a wrong part (I may have 2 x lower left leg parts for example) they can just send me the right part and I'll have to try and change it; I have massive nails so these things can be close to impossible. It would be awful if they want me to sent her back though!
      She's still sat naked in her box as I'm just not sure what to do with her right now.:(

      I DID throw her wig on to snap a quick photo though so you can see her!:aheartbea

      There's a lot of really interesting stuff going on with her faceup, which I was honestly worried was going to be too simple for my taste.
      I'll be honest, I wasn't 100% sold on her, and I'm sure only ended up getting her because I'm a huge collector of Oscar's work, and really love the Oscar and moi atelier combo. She's really interesting though!
      There are two types of eyelashes - really dark ones on the outside of the eye then light ones on the inside - and her entire face is covered in this very fine sparkle.
      The way the lower lashes are painted can make her look really creepy too if you take a photo at the right angle.

      These are the temporary eyes RosenLied sent her with, and they look a lot like they're just non-pearl versions of the ones I was suposed to get and will be getting later.
      I'll be putting THESE eyes in her anyway I think!

      Anyway, photo time!:)

    15. I am so sorry to hear that she has a defect. I am sure RL will make the problem right. They have excellent customer service.
      Do you feel the face up is to plain for your taste? Is that her default wig? I thought it was a brown mohair? Please take more pictures.
      She looks very pretty in this photo, but hard to see her face up.
      I hope you feel better about her. It was a long wait and can understand your disappointment.
      Please keep us posted.
    16. Here's a closeup photo of the faceup, straight on!:)


      Edit : Got carried away and forgot to answer your questions!:sweat

      No, this isn't her default wig. It's a RosenLied wig in the amazing lavender shade. I adore this shade so much and now have 3 of my girls wearing this colour.
      For me, I do think the faceup is a little simple. The last RosenLied doll I got was a The One (see page 3 of this thread!(, and they always have such detailed and intricate faceups, the LE faceups always look a little dull in comparison. This is pretty much inevitable mind you considering the LE faceup has to be re-created 10 to 20 times! I also know that Oscar can do a LOT more and it feels like she was holding back a little.
      At the same time though, there are a lot of interesting things going on and I DO enjoy the faceup a lot more than I thought I would. i was sure that smiley face wasn't going to suit me, but as long as you take photos from the right angles, she can still look great!
      Plus this is the first RosenLied doll I've gotten with high heeled feet and MASSIVE platformed stilettos. I was pretty shocked.. and thrilled!
      I also have a DD-Anne March Hare coming at some point, and think they're going to look great together!:fangirl:

      Edit 2 : I should add though, I think getting the Oscar eyes I have in her is going to really help her faceup! In that sense, it's much better that she's on the simple side! :)
    17. Midnite! I think she is beautiful! How noticeable are the smiley red lines on outer corners of lips? I like the full lips. I really like her face up. I so wanted the White Rabbit.:(
      I can't wait to see full outfit with stilettos!
      Good to know about the lavender color.
      I hope RL figures out the problem on knee joint.
    18. Anyone has seen the new girl Rose yet? I think she is beautiful, and she looks to me like an older sister of Chocolat :) I am sure I will get her once she will be out as basic! She will be my first MSD since ages.

      Midnitestar, I really hope RL will fix that problem for you!
    19. Yes! Isn't she pretty? I think Rose would be a pretty basic. I just got a new outfit for Emma Jean. It is nice she can wear Tonner Ellowyne clothes...

    20. Sadly they still haven't gotten back to me, which is really frustrating.:(
      I want to be able to play with her knowing she's going to be fixed!