Rosenlied Thursday's Child

Dec 26, 2018

    1. Hello, I was looking for a Thursday's Child thread but didn't find any so thought I'd add this newest size offering from Rosenlied here (and also to facilitate more discussion since I just ordered their latest LE Rose of Snow Rosee).

      Their very first new sculpt is Rosee and they have 2 other girls listed: Bonbon and Miu (which it looks like they are both Holiday's Child sculpts matched with a Thursday's child body). Do correct me if I'm wrong.

      Thursday's Child measurements are as follows:

      Doll size
      Head circumference : 9inch
      Height : 52cm
      Eye size : 18mm

      Chest : 23cm
      Waist : 18.5cm
      Hip circumference : 26cm
      Neck circumference : 9.5cm
      Knee circumference : 11cm
      Ankle circumference : 8.2cm
      Arm circumference : 7.5cm

      Hands (width) : 8.5cm
      Shoulder to wrist : 16cm
      Elbow to writs : 7cm
      Navel to sole of the foot : 33cm
      Waist to bottom of hip : 7.5cm
      foot length : 6.5cm
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    2. I've been quietly admiring this new line of dolls myself. Rosee is such a lovely sculpt and the size is so interesting to me. Please post pictures once you get your beautiful girl!
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    3. Can't wait to receive her and review this body and its range of movements.
    4. I'm so glad this thread exists! I've been oogling all of their Rosee releases, but I want to see some owner photos before I buy her.
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    5. Hi everyone, sorry for the long silence. I received my beautiful limited Rosee but decided to leave most of the hobby. She is currently for sale on the marketplace, and here is a picture of her.

      She is wonderfully articulated, double-jointed and a sturdy stander.
      My Rose in Snow Rosee has a more romantic macabre feel. <3