Rosenlied Thursday's Child

Dec 26, 2018

    1. Hello, I was looking for a Thursday's Child thread but didn't find any so thought I'd add this newest size offering from Rosenlied here (and also to facilitate more discussion since I just ordered their latest LE Rose of Snow Rosee).

      Their very first new sculpt is Rosee and they have 2 other girls listed: Bonbon and Miu (which it looks like they are both Holiday's Child sculpts matched with a Thursday's child body). Do correct me if I'm wrong.

      Thursday's Child measurements are as follows:

      Doll size
      Head circumference : 9inch
      Height : 52cm
      Eye size : 18mm

      Chest : 23cm
      Waist : 18.5cm
      Hip circumference : 26cm
      Neck circumference : 9.5cm
      Knee circumference : 11cm
      Ankle circumference : 8.2cm
      Arm circumference : 7.5cm

      Hands (width) : 8.5cm
      Shoulder to wrist : 16cm
      Elbow to writs : 7cm
      Navel to sole of the foot : 33cm
      Waist to bottom of hip : 7.5cm
      foot length : 6.5cm
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    2. I've been quietly admiring this new line of dolls myself. Rosee is such a lovely sculpt and the size is so interesting to me. Please post pictures once you get your beautiful girl!
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    3. Can't wait to receive her and review this body and its range of movements.
    4. I'm so glad this thread exists! I've been oogling all of their Rosee releases, but I want to see some owner photos before I buy her.
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    5. Hi everyone, sorry for the long silence. I received my beautiful limited Rosee but decided to leave most of the hobby. She is currently for sale on the marketplace, and here is a picture of her.

      She is wonderfully articulated, double-jointed and a sturdy stander.
      My Rose in Snow Rosee has a more romantic macabre feel. <3

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    6. A new limited version is out!

      Rosen Lied

      She looks amazing like this, and I love her full set so much (Im broke for the next couple of months though DX ) luckily they sell a different color variation of her default outfit so that is more wallet friendly, still the fullset is very beautiful

      I havent read or seen much about this line, so Im glad to have found this thread and hopefully catch the attention of owners who still have them so they can share their opinions on them :)
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