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Roserin Doll (previously Cozydoll & Pixydoll)

Apr 20, 2011

    1. Pixydoll is the one that made Dino, Van and co. right? Seems like the sculptor has decided to finally start selling dolls more commercially and in larger quatities, I am happy for her, she is quite talented.

      Unfortunately (or fortunatley?!) personally none of these heads strike me as anything very intresting paticularly, BUT I am looking forward to see what else they sell in the future.
    2. Ooh this is exciting! I love her sculpts and it's great to see that she now has a more user friendly site :D Thanks for the update on it Izam! :aheartbea

      Reina really is a cutie!! I love her blank head ^//^
    3. Wow so she closed pixydoll?? I wonder if the sculptor still work with Crobi, new website is more user friendly than before ^^
      I'm always waiting them to re-release Sevi again, I hope more heads would come out, nothing interested me at this time~
    4. Why on earth did Yuna obliterate the Pixydoll site? Regardless of it's difficult navigation (which wasn't a big deal to me), why erase all record of her previous work?
      That said, I like the new layout and the thorough illustrations, both painted and blank, of each head. Allen is quite lovely and Reina looks pretty versatile. It's too bad that they are time limited, but that was always her way...
    5. I just now really looked at the site and I didn't realize that all her other pictures are gone. That's really too bad, I love dreaming Sevy and Dino and many of her previous sculpts. I hope she puts up her older works at some point even for reference.
    6. The site itself is better, easier to order and so on, that's great... BUT I don't like new works - they're OK, still not half as pretty as Lance, Yon-Ho, Sevy, Van.
    7. She's got a notice posted that she absolutely will not entertain requests about Pixydoll heads, so that might be why she doesn't want them showing there. But I posted a note saying that it would be nice to see an online gallery of her past works somewhere. :sweat
    8. Thank you for this news, though, as all lovers of Pixydoll (especially early sculpts), I am a bit disappointed at the models presented on the new site. But I will certainly keep an eye on this new site:)
    9. There is still a gallery here (or maybe it was put back up?)
      and a timeline of works here
      I wish she would list the sculpts done for LUTS (though those were taken down quite a while ago...)
      Can anyone remember what ones were hers?
      I know Bory and I think Bliss and... does anyone remember who else?
    10. Oh good! She did put the pictures back up! I asked about a gallery when the site first opened. The timeline is cool too! I suspect that Yuna doesn't have authorization from Luts to post their sculpts since they are fiercely protective of their copyright.
    11. For Luts I remember on her previous website she listed that she sculpted Bory, Hodoo, Bliss, and Cian (I probably forgot other ones ^^; ) As for her new site, I am so happy to see the pics up :dance I love the timeline--especially in seeing how her style has developed over the years. Thank you so much for asking her St. James :aheartbea
    12. I love the new limited head Emile, but that's a punishing body choice for him! He's made for a whiteskin Graffiti boy body which is only available ad a Sato FCS! @___@ and a two day ordering period makes it had to decide....
    13. I really like Emile, but why why white skin only? He'd be a regular SD13 boy for me, but I don't want white skin.
    14. *Eeek!* Those were pretty much my thoughts exactly. *_* If he was offered in Normal Skin I would seriously consider him, but WS only just... seems like far too much trouble to find a matching body outside of the FCS line-up. Too bad! I'll enjoy seeing what other buyers do with him, though. :)
    15. Well, I asked Yuna if she planned to release Emile in NS in the future because if I finally get around to doing a Sato order it won't be for a spare body. @_@
    16. Emile is so lovely! Since the Volks matching body is difficult to obtain, does anyone have a suggestion for a possible body match?
    17. Well, it's always been hard to understand Yuna very clearly through our mutually insufficient Google translate conversations, but it does sound like she plans to sell Emile in normal skin too.
      Her reply:
      Emil's order after the end of the normal skin is expected to sell.
    18. That sounds like it may mean there is a normal skin order possibly after this one in the works. Hmm, decisions. I've really cut back on my larger dolls but this head would be perfect for a character.
    19. Oooh, I do hope a normal skin is in the works then. :D It would be great for a character I'd like to do.