Event [ROSERINDOLL] Last pre-order & Sale

Aug 1, 2019

    1. Hello. ROSERIN DOLL.
      This is the final pre-order for ROSERINDOLL.
      ROSERINDOLL end production and order of resin doll last August.

      Order period : August 1, 12:00 ~ August 31, 17:00 (Korea time)


      1. Sale of stock doll discount
      The discount period is not fixed,
      The same amount until the sale.
      ROSERINDOLL is not going to produce or sell resin dolls for the last time.

      2. A month of August resin doll.
      I receive my final pre-order.
      The sale of the head was finished.
      However, there are customers who want to buy heads, so we decided to get one more.
      If you would like to buy a head, I would appreciate your purchase this time.

      3. AS will be received by December 31, 2019.
      After that I am sorry but AS is not possible.
      In the future, ROSERINDOLL will produce and sell mainly Bisque dolls.

      Please visit the mall.
      Thank you~ ^ ^

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