Rosetta-doll Discussion

Mar 17, 2012

    1. I'm opening this thread for chat about the new Korean company Rosetta-doll and their 1/3 sized releases! :D

      Right now they have one head, Zio, compatible with an SD13/17 boy body.



      They have photos of one other doll up on the English site, Harpas. He's already sold out, so I think they're an established company that recently opened international sales, although I can't find their Korean site?

      They have more information on their order board, although you have to register to see it:

      I'm placing my order for Zio with face-up soon. Is anybody else interested in these beautiful boys? ^_^
    2. I think Zio has such a pretty and sweet face. I'm definitely thinking about him!^o^
    3. I just submitted my order for this cutie. <3 Hope I did it right. 8D
    4. The sculpt is beautiful! Too bad I don't collect male dolls. But, I'll keep an eye on this company :)
    5. I noticed he has such nice lips! uAu Too bad I just put another on layaway >: Definitely will keep an eye out also on the company >v<~
    6. Oo he's cute, love the straight brown wig in some of the website photos *_*...
      deciding how to proceed next hehe
    7. I placed an order as well, but now it seems like the site's down? I love Zio- he's perfect for my Garion ^__^
    8. I just placed my order, although I don't expect a reply until the weekend is over. (It took me an embarrassingly long time to realise that you can change the language option to English at the bottom right of the page. Makes things much easier. :sweat)

      I love the way they've styled him, especially with the dark brown and caramel wigs. And those lips, boy. Hot damn. XD
    9. I just placed my order too! I can't believe it! God he's sooooo pretty! I just HAD to have him! I'm so glad I noticed the order period and was able to order. I think I would have been devastated if I couldn't bring him home. He's just perfect for one of my characters.

      I also made a waiting room for those of us who have ordered!
    10. When I saw ZIO I was in LOVE.
      Then I found he only came in NS :...(

      But I knew I had to get him > _ <
      He's gona be my first NS doll and I'm kinda nervous but pretty excited too! =]

      He already has a name and I just need to order his body!
    11. He's a very handsome boy! Struck me immediately. Harpas is also very handsome and I'll be interested to watch this company in the future. Right now though I just bought a new darling (maybe two) so I'm going to have to hold off on this fellow but I'll look forward to seeing some come home!
    12. I've been considering ordering this gorgeous boy (it took me way too long to figure out how to actually order, haha), but was wondering what bodies he might fit on--does anyone know what his neck measurement is? I assume it has to be pretty large if he can fit an SD17 body.
    13. I asked them what his neck measurement is on the Q&A board, and they posted this. It looks like he's around 9.7cm:

    14. Thanks for posting the info, Shien. c: I sent in an order today (here's to hoping I did it correctly).
    15. I ordered one too! I've just paid him :)
    16. Yay, congrats to everyone on their orders! :)

      I found some more company photos of Zio here on their Korean blog (which you can access through the Rosetta-Doll site now), in case anyone wants to see him with blue eyes and a black wig. Starting to think that there's no bad way of styling this boy, seriously. xD
    17. Cool, thanks!! :D
    18. Going to join in here after lurking for a while.

      I got my tracking number for Zio, today, so it looks like we can be expecting to see some of these guys arrive soon. :)
    19. That's great you got a tracking number! Very fast!

      Who orderd their Zio with a faceup? I orderd mine blank but I asked for him to be shipped straight from them to a faceup artist in Korea I chose, so it will take a bit longer for me to have him in my hands. I'll post preview photos when I get them if anyone is intrested in seeing a non-default look.

      Rosetta told me when I asked that they are conisdering re-release of Harpas. If anyone else is intrested in seeing Harpas for sale, please let them know on their Q&A board!
    20. I ordered Zio with the default faceup, so I still have a few weeks to wait. I'm super-excited that people are already getting tracking numbers, though. And I'd love to see everyone's photos!