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Update [Rosette Doll] Release The Rosette Eyes

Jun 10, 2009

    1. Hello! ^.^

      Rosette Doll release the Rosett EYES!
      Plz check the beautiful Rosette eyes, here is the copy of our NOTICE as below;

      Hello customers!
      We develop and release The Rosette Eyes.

      The Rosette Eyes has a well adhesive feature and it is also easy to adjust the angles of the pupils with the silicone eyes.

      ㆍMaterial: Silicone

      ㆍSize: 12mm/14mm

      http://www.rosettedoll.com/eng/shop/list.php?ca_id=40 <- click!

      Thanks for your deep intersting and love!

      Thanks~ &#9825;
    2. The page for Rosette Eyes does not appear to be loading correctly at this time. :sweat

      ETA: Looks like it's just a Firefox problem.
    3. It is now... 2:11pm est with IE.
    4. Site doesn't like Firefox. I loaded fine with I.E. but my firefox won't pick it up. Granted I have no script and adblock, but turned off it still didn't like the page.
    5. Piiiiiink! ^______^Thank you so much for posting this!
    6. It worked fine with Safari.
      Does anyone know if these are the eyes that the dolls come with, or are they just to be ordered separately?
    7. It doesn't work with Google Chrome. Just a Grey screen.
    8. All I get is a grey screen to with Firefox.
    9. Oops,

      I made an inquiry to WEB operator about this error.

      They told me that they will solve this matter and let me have correct page ASAP.
      I will update my POST at once that I recieved a message from them.

      Thanks for your deep interesing in our ROSSETTE DOLL!
      Have a good day you guys!

    10. Yeah I've always had a problem with FireFox looking at this site. And I hate using IE, so it's a pain. It'd be great if the site could be adjusted to let FireFox work.
    11. Yes, still a gray screen with Firefox.
    12. I have problems with firefox viewing the website, too. I'd love to order one of the Rosette girls, but hadn't thought I'd be able to because of it. Hopefully they'll get it fixed soon.

      Edit: I thought I'd mention that I also can't get the website to work in Internet Explorer, either. :\ I hate IE, I hate it hard.
    13. I have never gotten any page on Rosette to load in either Firefox or Opera. It starts to load then instantly switches to a big gray square that covers all the content. As much as I love these dolls and would love to buy one, I can't if the site does not work :( (IE is not an option on my computer). I do hope the site can be made to work in other browsers.
    14. Me too. It's a lovely site, what I can see of it, but I've stopped looking because I can't get it to load with SeaMonkey (gray screen of doom), and I can only intermittently get it to load with I.E..

      I've given up any idea of ever getting a Rosette doll except on the second-hand market because of this. It really needs to be addressed-they're losing sales because of it.
    15. Me, neither. I can't get the pages to load with either Firefox nor IE. I get the top bar of options but just a big empty box when I click on anything.
    16. The site only works on internet explorer.
      Wow there are lots of colors,very cool.
    17. I have a mac and the site loads fine in Safari and in Firefox. When I try Camino, the site appears, but if I run a cursor over it, the images disappear except the one I have the cursor over. Weird!
    18. Hello, everyone~&#9733;

      The page is working, we finally fixed it!
      Plz try it again.


      Have a nice day!
    19. Are they soom eyes??