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Rosette School of Doll ~ 43cm Muse Mini Discussion

Jun 11, 2011

    1. This is a Discussion thread for the Rosette Mini MUSE 43cm dolls.

      NOTE: I'm starting this thread specific to the 43cm Muse size dolls not only because they are smaller than their 47cm "sisters", but since they have the same names it could be quite confusing to discuss the two different sizes in the same forum.

      * Please only post one picture. If you have more pictures to share, include a link to the other pictures. You can post more pictures in the photo thread or in the gallery.


      Find the 43cm size here Rosette School of Dolls basic Muse 43cm

      Waiting on a doll to come in? Visit the Waiting Room for Rosette School of Dolls Mini. FYI, if that waiting room gets closed, go to the last page and check the last post - it should lead you to the next waiting room.



      - Overall Height: 43cm
      - Head Circumference: 17cm (6.5 inch)
      - Eye size: 12mm
      - Neck Circumference: 5.6cm
      - Chest Circumference: Girl 14.3cm / Lady 16cm
      - Bottom Circumference: 10.2cm
      - Arm Length: 13cm
      - Wrist Circumference: 4cm
      - Hip Circumference: 17cm
      - Leg Length: 25.5cm (Leg parts Length)
      - Ankle Circumference: 5cm
      - Feet Length: 5.3cm

      As we get new information, I'll add it here. (e.g. clothes, shoes, comparison pics, galleries, etc)


      * If you see a member posting more than one photo or advertising, or chatting off topic posts in the discussion forum please report the post. Do not reply to their post.

      Click on the report button at the bottom left of the post.
    2. Has anyone recived their RSoD Muse dolls yet? i am very interested in seeing owner pictures of them! as i love the aller girls but know they wouldnt fit in with my crew these smaller girls seem perfect!
    3. I figuring I have another 2 month wait on mine. I'm anxious to see some owner pics though.
    4. This is a very quiet thread! Ive had my eye on a rosette fir and armeria for a while now but Im having a hard time choosing between the types... I hope more find there way home because Id love to see a posing comparison :)
      Anyone else interested in a muse? I think the default makeup is prettier than the 47cm line, but they dont seem to have as many followers..
    5. I have a Muse Lady Delilah, and keep looking for clothes that fit her. I got the full set, but I'd love to see here in something more... casual.

      I just wonder, has anyone tried Dollmore's "16 inch FMD Fashion" dolls' outfits on their Muse dolls?
    6. I don't know about the Dollmore outfits, but Tonner's Tyler stuff fits, for the most part. It's a bit loose at the bust, but bottoms are perfect.