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Rosette 'School of Doll'

Dec 10, 2008

    1. is their dolls from Soom and AngelRegion ? or their own?
      their website look really artistic,typical Japanese anime school style.
      they seems to be 47.5cm in height,MSD size....
    2. Beautiful girls. *.* I really love Violet

      Will the outfits be available with the dolls? They are simply amazing!

      Also will the web site be up and running soon?
    3. Do you have body images for the dolls?

      Also the website works fine in Internet Explorer, though it breaks in Opera. It seems the dolls come with the basic school uniform but there are limited editions with gorgeous gowns!! *_*
    4. I'm seeing a lot of them on the site with the manufacter listed as Soom or AngelRegion. So it doesn't seem that they personally made these dolls.
    5. I use firefox and the site works fine for me.
      I LOVE Violet. They're all absolutely adorable!
    6. Mayu, do you have the newest version of Firefox? i am having the same problem as Ravendolls. :...( i wanna see them so bad!
    7. I have version 3.0.4 for Mac OS X.
      Sorry you guys are having trouble. ;_;
    8. yea i can't see it either with firefox, i will try with something else.

      wow these girls are gorgeous. i like the look that the company has given them.
    9. Wow, these dolls look so pretty! :D *grabby hands*
      It's a little wonky on my Firefox, so I just switched to IE. Still works kind of crazily though. ^^; I'm sure they'll fix it though.
    10. their size is just a little bigger than MSD-size dolls at 47.5cm...what odd size with eyes
    11. Yeah, I noticed that too. What's with the size? It's unique, but also hard to buy clothes for. Will they fit in MSD sized wigs?
    12. Thanks for all the corrections and precisions! I'm using Firefox too, but it doesn't work well. Thus I can only catch pictures that are not covered by the site animations ^^;
    13. Internet explorer works
    14. I'm interested, but I want to see body pics...can anyone find them? I've searched the website with no luck.

      EDIT: Opps! I thought I was in the chat thread, sorry! ^^;;
    15. Go to the chat thread the body pictures are in post #93
    16. They are so beautiful~
      but 47.5CM......
      Is too difficult to buy a dress??
      Their stature is between MSD and SD10 @@