Rosewoodwardrobe Feedback.

Feb 7, 2018

    1. If you have had any transactions with me, please leave me feedback.
    2. I sold a Soseo Head to Rosewoodwardrobe and it was an absolutely perfect transaction in every way. He made prompt layaway payments every week. He was always very prompt with replies and messages as well. I can recommend him highly and would be happy to do business with him again any time.
    3. I sold a Soom Sard midnightsummers dream to Rosewoodwardrobe. She was super sweet to deal with, She bought the doll on layaway, and every payment was payed at the time we had decided. She let me know when the doll had arrived so that I know everything went fine. ^^ I would be more than happy to do business with her again any time, and I can highly recommend her. :D Thank you very much <3 <3 :D
    4. I sold a Switch Hahwa head last year, and a full Switch Seolrok recently to Rosewoodwardrobe, both on an arranged weekly layaway. I love selling to her because she’s always very prompt with payments and a delight to talk to. I hope I can deal with her again in the future! ❤️
    5. I purchased a Switch Hahwa head from Rosewoodwardrobe and we agreed on a nice layaway. I loved how the head was packaged and how fast he arrived! I would definitely purchase from Rosewoodwardrobe again! Very friendly! Thank you!!