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Roxy - Yam - not very impressed.

Aug 9, 2006

    1. This was my first purchase from Dollndoll and I'm not very impressed. After opening Notdoll's incredible box of treasures, I was very disappointed with Yam.

      Here's the grand total of all she came with:


      I'm also not very happy with her "face-up". Her cheeks are much brighter than I was expecting.


      And I know this is the style of wig, and I'm sure I can make it cuter with pigtails, but it fits very loosely and looks a bit matted.


      But what really disappointed me was that the main reason I purchased Yam was because her description said she came with the little scooter.

      No scooter in the box. :x

      There's probably not much I can do, other than have her face redone. I will email Dollndoll about the missing scooter.

      Edit: I haven't decided whether to keep her or not...
    2. I checked the website and this is what they say:

      It is small angel [Yam] of Roxy Doll.
      It is so lovable and charming (^^)
      Height is about 5 inch.
      Head size is about 3.5 inch.
      Yam is correct Kelly's shoes..Have small and charming feet.
      Composition : Doll, assembly, make-up (pastel), eye(acryl 8mm - color random),
      wig (mohair - pink color), cushion for doll protection, doll box .
      *Gift : We send together mini model motorcycle that see to picture.
      ( Body make-up, wig, glasses etc.. of image picture, outfit is not included. )
      Thank you so much

    3. Those are bright cheeks alright! She looks as if she has clown makeup, poor dear. And I looked carefully at Yam too, almost buying because of the cute little bottom on the motorbike. You have a right to sing the blues, Delicateangel...I wish you luck with this problem...Keep us posted, please!

      With Sympathy,
    4. Poor sweetie
      I think she is kinda cute

      I would mail them and see what they say
      and have a play with her and see how you feel
      an easy way to tone down the cheeks is to pat some white eyeshadow on it
      powder , not cream I have a white pearl I use to tone my face-ups with
      and it might tone it down
      you might find with a different wig on she will look better
    5. Sorry this little doll is not what you were hoping for. I gotta say her cheeks seem to have very nice high color in your photos. :) Not getting the scooter was most likely a packing over sight. If this happened to me, instead of getting angry and automatically just assuming I won't receive satisfaction, I'd sent a nice note to the manufacturer explaining that the scooter wasn't in the box, and ask them to ship it now please. Once you receive the scooter, take a second look at this little doll, and if she's still not your cup of tea perhaps you should sell her here in the Marketplace, and use the funds to get a different doll. I would think it'd be more complicated to send her back to the company, rather than just sell her. Best of luck, whatever you decide.

      Hugs, Juli DC :daisy
    6. I agree that it would be more trouble than its worth to return her. Of course, I will give Dollndoll a chance to make things right. I have emailed them about the missing "gift" but I know I'm stuck with the face-up.

      I just think $270 U.S. is a lot of money to pay not to get what you expected. I was so pleased with my Notdoll orders in price, quality and "extras" that I was underwhelmed by Dollndoll's order.

      Here's what her face looked like on their website:


      I think its a pretty big difference.

      I'll be curious to see pictures of other's Yam's to see if they are as flushed.
    7. Aww, I am sorry you are disappointed, Delicate Angel. I think she is awfully cute, and I love the high color in her cheeks. I ordered my Yam through NotDoll, and my Lucy from DollnDoll, so I will let you know how those turn out. I did order my Lucy from DollnDoll cause I liked the more intense coloring she had on their site. I am anxious to see mine!
      I think the scooter is an oversight as well. I know someone just a few weeks back ordered a Yam and I think they said they got a scooter?
    8. Thank, toydogz. I'll get over it, I'm sure. I think I set the bar too high by getting Lucy and Naripon as my first BJD. :love

      Maybe you won't like your Yam's face up and we can do a trade! :lol:

      One good thing is that my naripon's wigs fit yam!
    9. Did you order "Little sis - Yam"?

      I wish I had known Notdoll was doing another yam! Look what she comes with:

      1. Face-up completed Yam Head + Body - Assembling

      2. 6mm or 8 mm Clear glasstic Eyes - Color is random

      3. Two 3.5 inch mohair wig for Yam - 2 types(Light color & Dark color)

      5. Two pink rabbit dolls

      6. Two heart cushion

      7. Default box

      8. Extra assembling Set - Strings, magic block, velcro etc.

      9. Notdoll Lab Creation Certificated 'My baby sis- Yam' card

      I might just have to order one. :roll:
    10. [​IMG]

      My Mom's Yam has very high color too, but it's part of what makes her cute.
    11. Thank you for posting that, eveshka! She does look very pretty! Its amazing what a wig and a cute outfit can do. Her eyes are so unique. What colour are they?

      Do you and your Mom both collect BJD's?
    12. I love Yam!

      She looks so cute in this wig!

    13. Where did you get yours, Pixie? I love her face! The description at dollndoll said yam would have pastel make up, so your cutie has the look I was expecting to get.
    14. I got her when she was first shown, whoever that seller was on eBay. DollnDoll I think.

      ~Pixie (Serah)
    15. She is cute Delicateangel! I hope you get your scooter, and you will just have to work her wigs to get her to look right. I haven't bought from DollnDoll, but I am a repeat (maybe serial at this point) Notdoll customer. I love love love them.
    16. My grumpy naripon took pity on the poor little yam. She said yam could borrow her hat for now.

      She also said she wonders if her new friend is sad because he wants to be a boy. :o

      What do you think?

    17. I think they are periwinkle... they're what came with her. :)

      My Mom and I have both collected dolls for as long as we both can remember. My Grandmother (her mother) used to repair the old composition dolls, so there have always been dolls in any of my houses. BJDs were just a natural step. :)
    18. Your Nari-pon and Yam look darling together! They look just about the same size. Can you tell me if their feet are the same size? I do hope they can swap clothes, if you have any Mattel Kelly clothes (fit the Pon perfectly) can you try them on Yam? Pretty please??
    19. I got my Yam from Dollndoll also. I did get my scooter. I was VERY disappointed with the face up on her. I wrote about it and they explained that the artist doing the make up is not an expert and if I returned her they would send out to an expert at no charge to me. I opted not to return her because of the expense involved. My Yam's cheeks are not blushed enough and it may have been my complaint that caused them to blush yours more. I was more unhappy with her eye make up and removed the splotches under her eyes and now I love her!

      I'm sure they will send the Vespa.

      Here's my little girl before I fixed her eyes.