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Roxydoll Pandora?

Jan 20, 2007

    1. I'm certain someone's already posted this to the news thread, but she's really darling:
      I'm guessing she's the same size as Soom's mini-Gems, but without more information, it's a bit hard to figure. I was thinking of geting an Aren, but this girl really appeals to me.

      That is me screaming! I have to have her, a grown up Lucy, my favorite of any BJD, and I think the very cutest of all! I hope she goes on sale soon.
      Camping out on Notdoll site........

      edited to add: I just scrolled down to the rest of the pictures. Oh my, skinny little Lucy did grow up and fill out, didn't she? Thank goodness Kimmy isn't due for a stay till much later, if ever, now.
    3. :lol: :lol: :lol:

      She is a big girl, isn't she? I wonder if they'll do a tanned version?
    4. I wonder if she's supposed to replace Roxy Becy (she looks pretty close body-wise--except pretty angry face-wise)
    5. Oo, a tanned version of her would be just divine. She's got a lovely, fashion-ready body. I'm hoping she's a bit taller than Becy. How does Becy compare with Uyoo & Aren, height-wise? Seem to recall her being shorter with bigger feet. I like her p.o.ed expression--snarky, but cute.
    6. How can she be sold out already? Or has she gone up for sale yet?

    7. My Becy is out getting a face up, and I haven't received my Aren Alice yet, but when they are both here I will get a comparison picture. Eeesh, so many new dolls on the way and I still haven't found my Mother-in-Law's doll yet! Better get to working some overtime.

    8. I have two Becys and would love to get one of this new one!
      I love Roxydoll! I wonder if she'll have the Becy feet or if they've redone her feet. Becy is Very hard to fit in shoes. (Marley shoes are the only ones I've found that fit well).

      Can't wait to see more info on Pandora.
    9. Why, she's quite a peeved little girlie, isn't she? Is Roxydoll related to Naripon?
    10. Clochette I thought that too
      she is more like a grown up Pon than Lucy

      I wondered if Notdoll had something to do with the face-sculpt
      she has that NotDoll Attitude

      I like the face ...but Im not too keen on the Huge Boobs
      I think I would have liked her with a body more like Lucy
    11. Becy has those Huge Boobs, too. ;) I guess that's a Roxydoll standard for their grown-ups?
      I never like the wigs they choose! My Lucy (now Margarita_Rosa's Lucy!!) had a wig like the one in the Pandora photo.
      I actually like Becy's sweet face better, but still will hope that I can nab one of the Pandoras when they go on sale.

      I just realized--- went back and looked at the photos again-- Pandora doesn't have that hip "joint" that the Becys have, and I think Lucy had it, too.
      Looked again-- I keep looking!-- and the bottom pic shows her feet. It looks like they might have changed the feet, doesn't look like Becy-feet at all. :)
    12. I'm not a fan of that enormous chest either, but I still like her oh-so-snotty expression. I remember seeing it many times on my daughter during those teen years, lol. I wonder if the Pandora head can be placed on a Lucy body, or even an Orientdoll 8 inch or the taller OD that is made?
    13. I sold my Becy, but I found that Madame Alecander Lissy shoes fit pretty well. Like these:

    14. Sooo cute!!! I love the moody little face!
    15. I thought Nari-pon too with the shape of the eyes and the frown... luckily she's too tall for me.
    16. I just can't picture a Nari Pon as anything but a teeny-tiny little pissy trollkin. I can't make the stretch to a real human form. If I had a RL child like a Naripon--I would've left it under a bridge!;)
    17. LOL! I had a RL one who had a NariPon attitude (she's grown now, but was much like my Ginger- Felo- at that age-- except a girl)-- and I wish I'd thought of the bridge thing back then, and especially before she hit 14 years old. :doh
    18. Maybe Pandora is what Naripons turn into when they grow up?

      Could you imagine? A teenage Naripon? <shudder>
    19. I fell off my chair laughing at this one.

      The thought crossed my mind a few times, but luckily, all the kids still live here.



    20. ROFL food for thought
      my Daughter is 14 ...I dont think she is gonna make 15 (I can hear her and her Dad bickering over the Bedroom as I write ..he is redecorating )
      she has turned into this screeching , sullen, BOY MAD hormonal timebomb !:barf

      any one whos has seen Little Britain ...Vicky Pollard!:barf

      I want my sweet little PocketFairy baby Rosie back :aheartbea:...( :aheartbea

      give me a Pon anyday LOL