RP forum?

Jan 17, 2017

    1. I'm really new here, so if this has been discussed in the past, I apologize.
      Was there ever an RP thread or is there any interest in maybe starting one?
      I love to RP, so I would love to see something like that. Although, I know this is a very large community, so I don't know how it would even work.
      I was just curious if any one else RPed their dolls and where they did, if not here?
    2. I'm an avid roleplayer to the point where I consider myself to be an enthusiast. I do most of my roleplaying on tumblr however the rp scene there can be a bit understandably scary to get into, however I believe I've seen bjd based stuff on there before.
    3. You could probably start a page here on the off-topic part of the forum, Brigadoon, but unfortunately, I'm not sure how much longer it'll be here.
    4. Once upon a time, some light "in character" dialogue was allowed in threads, but the rules on that changed long ago. Dolly-character roleplaying has generally been discouraged on the forum since then.
    5. Yeah, RP is not allowed on DoA. You can discuss starting an offsite RP group in Brigadoon, but we are not allowing actual in-thread RP in Brigadoon.