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RS Bei VS BBB Bei... Help!

Jan 30, 2012

    1. (( I've searched all over the forums, and haven't found anything matching this topic, but if there is one somewhere, I'll be happy to be referred there and have this post tanked. ^_^;;; ))

      I need a little help.
      DOA treats ResinSoul and Bobobie as the same, but are they?
      I want to get a RS Bei, but I'm confused...
      Are the sculpts different depending on where you buy them, or was it changed ever? I'm looking on the BBB site, and their Bei looks drastically different than the RS one.

      ResinSoul's Bei: http://www.resinsoul.com/05-chanpin/p-001-1.asp?id=304
      ( compare to )
      Bobobie's Bei: http://www.bobobie.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=167

      I'm in love with the one on the RS site, because she resembles my Waifu's Ni, but all I seem to see around on DOA are the BBB ones... I don't want to spend the money if it's not going to be what I want. Does anyone know, or is it just me?

      I'm not exactly asking for a sculpt-preference war or anything like that, I just wanna know because I have the money and need to be sure.
    2. I'm wondering if it's just resin color, or if it's really a different sculpt. My wife was saying it was because RS had Ni and BBB had Isabella, and the Bei was supposed to just be the elf form of the standard females, but...... IDK. x_x;;;
    3. It's the same doll :). BBB casts for RS.
    4. But why do they look so much different, then? o_O;;;

      I almost wanna believe my wife's theory.... Because the RS Bei looks more like RS Ni and the BBB Bei looks more like BBB Isabella.....

      All I know is, if I order one from RS directly, expecting it to look like the one on the site and they send me one that looks like the one on BBB, I'll be sad. x_x;;;
    5. It's just the lighting, eyes, wig, and makeup(maybe) and photo angle that are different. The sculpt is the same ^_^
    6. Does anyone have a Bei they've bought directly from RS to compare with one bought directly from BBB?
      I've noticed alot of people take liberties and mislabel when it comes to BBB/RS because they assume they're the same.
    7. Bei is Bei. Doesn't matter where you order her from. She's a Resinsoul sculpt, cast by Bobobie. No matter where you order her from, you'll get the same doll unless you special order her with, say, the different body (the RS and BBB bodies are different in this size, comparison of them is here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?364159-27cm-BBB-and-RS-comparison-photos. to get anything that's from a BBB sculpt, you'd have to order BBB direct, as RS doesn't sell the BBB sculpts, only their own) The default face-ups are the same no matter where you order from. The biggest difference is when you buy RS direct, or through on of their dealers, you get a little faux leather carrying case. When you order through BBB or one of their dealers, you get the yellow satin, drawstring bag.

      Bei, Ni, Bao, and Pixiu are RS sculpts. March and Isabella are BBB sculpts.
    8. I kinda want to see a WS BBB bought Bei, just to make sure..... ><;;;;
      Because I can understand if it's just a difference in resin colors, some face sculpts look better depending on the tone.
    9. I posted this question to a few doll groups on FB, too.... Just in case anyone was wondering what the opinions on there were:
    10. I'm kind of grumped by the fact that RS and BBB are supposedly grouped together in the database, but when you click on the individual links for the Tiny galleries, they're specifically BBB.... Would I get in trouble for making a Database thread eventually that specifically focuses on the RS 27/28CMs? ( I know Pixiu already has one, the speedy little fox, but the other RS kids need more love. ) There have to be more Ni, Bei, and Bao out there somewhere.... It can't all be Isabella and March, can it?

      I'm having such a hard time finding ANY pictures of Bei, on here or with Google-fu..... Even YouTube is short on Box Opening vids...... x_x;;; I'm so scared I'll spend the money and not be happy, but I'm afraid the only way I'll know for sure is if I just go ahead and do it and see. Waaah..... What do I do? ;__;
    11. The information on Facebook is inaccurate. As has already been mentioned, BBB carries both BBB and RS dolls. RS, however, does not carry BBB dolls. Maybe that is where some of the confusion comes from? As for making a new database... I don't think you'd get in trouble, but I think it would most likely get merged with the existing database as it would only add to confusion when people started seeing the same dolls appear in both threads. :)
    12. *sigh* Well, I've still been searching the internet, and I managed to find a Flickr for BBB/RS dolls. I'm scrolling through looking at all the Bei that pop up, and I'm thinking that, while I still see some that look different from the image on the RS site, Bei in general is still cute either way. I've also noticed that I have a love for the RS dolls in WS, because it seems to suit their features better.

      I'm still on the fence about whether I should just suck it up and order them and see, or if I should keep researching. I -REALLY- want some Tiny type dolls, and so far RS has been the only site that's both affordable and attractive to me..... If I had to money to drop, and knew for sure I'd be happy, I'd prolly be ordering a Bei, Bao, and a Yu from there in WS as soon as Waifu gets her Pixiu shipped.

      I find it funny, all the random 'controversy' surrounding RS/BBB.... I hear things about people saying they're 'cheap' or 'sub-quality', and it's true that some of their larger ones aren't really my taste, but.... I absolutely LOVE the tinies, if pictures don't lie too much.

      I just really wanna make sure, since $200-$300 is alot of money to spend on a 'Maybe'.
      (( and yeah, I know, Bei herself is only $100, but as I said, I'm also looking into Bao and Yu, and considering a multi-doll order from RS, since they've been good to Waifu so far ))
    13. BBB and RS are sort of 'sister' companies, and BBB is also sort of the 'parent company' of RS. My understanding is that the sculptor who started RS used to sculpt for BBB, but wanted to go off on their own. So they started RS, but retained a relationship with BBB for BBB to cast and sell their dolls. The two companies ARE two different companies, but they share a close partnership. And there are a LOT of Beis around, several Baos, it's really Ni who is lacking in owners around here, though that is starting to change..and Pixiu, the newest of the lot, is also REALLY popular already. They're all great sculpts, in face and body (I, personally, am iffy on the BBB hands in this size...they're known as being the 'jazz hands' for a reason). I own at LEAST one of each. I have a Bei in the Light Tan/Coffee resin, a Ni in NS, twin Isabella girls in NS, a modded Bao in Coffee/LT (will get a second in sky blue someday!), and there are 3 March girls living in my home. 1 in NS with her ears modded to human and Bei hands, 1 in WS with Daisy Dayes hooves instead of feet, and 1 in WS with ears modded to human. And then there's my newest arrival, my Pixiu in the Dark Tan/Chocolate color.

      Really, if you want more info on these little darlings, or any of the sculpts specifically, like Bei, pop on over to their discussion thread. Ask your questions, request photos! We're really nice over in there, and always happy for the excuse to spam our lovelies!

      Oh, and I'll also say, as an owner of far far too many RS and BBB dolls, that their quality is great! Their prices do NOT reflect the quality of the resin or the sculpt you are getting. While the larger BBB bodies might have more simplistic sculpting that could use improvement in some areas, they're still good. And the heads are gorgeous! And hybrid beautifully onto the RS bodies.
    14. I second what Ayas-Shadow just wrote. I own a lot of BBB/RS dolls too. The one thing to remember with these dolls is that their features allow one sculpt to look very different depending on the faceup, wig, and general styling. Where you get the doll from doesn't matter- the mold is the same, because even the dolls you are buying off the RS site are being cast at the BBB facility and the faceup artist is the same. It's the customizations that make these dolls stand out, which is cool in my book!
    15. I believe I'll end up doing just that. ^_^
      Thank you!
    16. errr... Nobody has said this, but I do believe even Ni and bei are the same sculpt, minus the ears. Bei having elf ears and Ni having human ears. Faceups, even factory faceups can really change the way a doll looks. Photos of a mold should be viewed as possible looks to a mold more than as definite looks. Your own doll will most assuredly end up with her own unique look, even if you get a factory faceup!

      BTW, I just ordered a Ni for myself and a Bei for my daughter and am so looking forward to seeing them!
    17. IngieBee: No, they're not. None of the head sculpts in this size are the same, so far. They're each unique sculpts, with unique faces. I really must do another comparison photo of all the girls together...I'd include Bao, but my current Bao boy is heavily modded in the face.

      In fact, if you look here: http://www.deviantart.com/download/208601413/six_spokes_of_the_wheel_by_ayas_photos-d3g71vp.jpg (assuming that link works...it'd better...) and scroll over to where the Bei (LT) and Ni (in the black top) are and look at their faces, you can see that the eyes, nose, and mouths are all shaped differently. Bei has more of a smile, with slightly wider eyes. Ni is more frowny, with down turned corners to her mouth, and slightly narrower eyes.
    18. Actually, IngieBee might be right..... >>;;;
      When you go to the Bobobie site (link above) the Bei there's description says:
      On their forums, RS says they ONLY sell their own doll sculpts from their site, and on BBB their Bei blatantly says she's a twin of Isabella with the only difference being the ears. Also, I swear the Bei on RS looks more like Ni in the face, frown and all. It -may- be lighting, faceup, and resin tone differences, but.... I'm not so sure. :/

      IDK, I think, more than ever now, I wanna know where people got their Bei from. I'm starting to wonder if everyone just thinks they're the same because most people use a go-between distributor, like DenverDoll or FeatherFall. If they use a go-between site to order, and that site is selling RS through BBB..... Well, since they both have the same name, hypothetically speaking, if a Bei was gonna be listed it'd probably be the BBB one and not the RS one, since the go-between is dealing with BBB and not RS directly.... And checking the inventory pages for both those sites, that's what looks to be the case. The one on DenverDoll actually SAYS Bobobie on the image, even though she's in the RS category. x_x;;;

      Maybe I'm just over thinking it, but I keep looking at the pictures and comparing....
      Maybe I should hunt around on the galleries and discussion forums to see if anyone out there has a WS Bei that they ordered directly from ResinSoul that I could look at?

      Rawrgh..... I'm about to get a RS account and post this on there. T_T;;;
    19. Oh, I think you're right! I can see a little difference in the eyes and chin but they're extremely alike so easy to mistake :D LOL. Thanks for clearing that up!

      Edit: Then again it could just be the faceups again, ROFL

      They're both so cute though, one can't go wrong!
    20. Never thought for a million years I'd be doing this much research for a $100 doll. XD;;;