RSdoll RU Line

Jan 18, 2016

    1. RSdoll has recently came out with the new 26 cm tall RU line!
      I love this company because of their unique spine system, has anyone bought one of these new dolls?
      They're priced quite well at $210 USD, and seem to have decent posing from company pictures.

      I don't know if have the spince system, but I plan to order one as soon as I find out.
    2. I've ordered Sean with the spine system. He hasn't come yet but as soon as he does I will be sure to post photos and also tell you what I think about that system.^.^ I'm not sure if the little ones will have that option or not.
    3. Yep, I posted the question on their Q&A board- hopefully they'll get back soon!
      Congrats on the incoming doll, definitely post lots of photos! I haven't found any owner pics of the spine yet- I love how artistic it is. Unfortunately I am only interested in owning girl dolls at the moment (I only have girl clothes ^-^'), but if the RU line has the spine I could make it work. :-)
    4. Haha I understand completely! For some reason I'm really into boys. I have the one girl, But the boys seem to always catch my eye. They may take a little time to get back to you. I was having problems when I placed my order and It took a while to get reply's. But they did reply, so just check about once a day or so. And if the are on the American side of the pond remember they are like 12 hours ahead. So while I was awake they would be asleep. XD I hope you can hear back from them soon!