Rugged Realism

Oct 10, 2019

    1. Anyone heard of the new Rugged Realism dolls? She just released the Alphabet series for preorder.

      Website: (no title)

      Artist’s Instagram:


      I especially loved Epsilon.

      (All images from Rugged Realism)
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    2. Yes, they are all sold out iirc.
    3. She actually released the alphabet serie a while ago, but she had a couple of dolls left for sale as some of the orders were cancelled. She's now working on a 50 cm line, seems promising.
    4. Yes, I missed out on the preorder though. I love seeing the whole process of doll creation on her instagram. It's very enlightening. It's incredible all the things she had to go through to get these made. Amazing sculpts too. :love
    5. I have a Gamma on order and I couldn’t be more thrilled! The entire work in progress as well as her work getting a casting company and payment has been very interesting to watch! It also helps that her boys are absolutely gorgeous!!! If I had the money I would have loved an epsilon too, and I can’t wait until I get to see what people do with theirs!
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    6. I ordered a Gamma and added an Epsilon head both in Solway (similar to copper oriental by Dollshe) :love

      I love Helene. She is such a nice and refreshing person. Shes always so transparent and humble, always taking the time to respond to everyone on IG. The transparency is always refreshing to see, and I was so sad to see the trouble Paypal was giving her, because she was honest about the preorder timing estimates, which isnt even as long as the other companies. They gave her the same trouble they gave Mr.Venitu but Im so relieved and glad she didnt give up on her dolls, or her customers

      The casting company she chose fixed breakage on her master mold, and the produced doll still retained so many of the details in the sculpt. Im so happy to see that, and Im so eager to hold one of her dolls in person, she let us join her journey from the start so in a way, it feels like a baby XD Honestly, for the quality, the level of detailing I expected the dolls to cost at least 2 x the amount shes charging

      What is everyone's plans for their dolls? What skin colors did you choose?

      Ive always wanted an African features on a doll, but its so rare to see that kind of features on a BJD, and when it is, its either older looking or with a moody expression, which is nice, but not for me at all XD I love how sweet and kind Gamma's expression is. If you are familiar with a really old TV show called "My so called Life" (my entry to english speaking tv shows!) there is a character on it I always thought looked interesting in style and features, Rickie. Im going to style my Gamma on him :)

      Epsilon Im not sure of yet, but I couldnt pass on the beauty of that sculpt, he is very conventionally beautiful. His lower lip is my favorite of his features.

      Not to mention, the body is beautiful and has great engineering! Its just so hard to pass up, I started saving up as soon as I knew it was going to be a big scale doll, and as soon as I saw Gamma's face lol! He was so unique it would be smart to start saving up so when the time comes, no need to sell dolls and get in a panic XD The amount of details in the hands, the feet, the muscle underskin defintion and attention to anatomy is amazing to me, a work of art!

      @Chikku did you join the preorder too? Thank you for starting this thread, I am excited to read about other peoples plans........!!!! :D
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    7. Wow so many Gamma orders! I’m super excited to see everyone’s! I preordered an Epsilon in Solway too.

      I loved watching her create them— and I’m a sucker for an open mouth, so I had to pick him up. :XD:

      The body is so beautiful— Venitu has my favorite boy body but I can’t help but wonder if this one will take over as the fav once he arrives. There’s just so much detail!
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    8. I'm also excited to see everyone's customizations! I ordered an Epsilon in Truly Divine with an extra Epsilon head. My hope is I can one day get another body for the extra head so I can have twins. I am very picky when it comes to boy dolls but when I saw Epsilon I fell in love! If I could I would have ordered a Gamma as well.
    9. My Epsilon shipped! I'm so excited to see these boys in person. I hope there are some Omega and Alphas too.

      Her new line looks wonderful too-- the Rites of Passage series. It looks so youthful compared to her Alphabet series.
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    10. My Gamma shipped! I wish I had more money at the time I would have scooped up epsilon (or at least his head lol) but it was all I could do to manage Gamma! That said I’m super excited and hope people share all kinds of photos!!! Now back to stalking the tracking like a crazy person! Lol
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    11. He is so gorgeoussssssss!!! I'm dying to see these dolls with faceups!
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    12. Me too!!! I hope others post!!! The weather here is terrible so I have to wait to give him a face up :( I’ll work on his wig this weekend though..that’s going to be a challenge! He is also just a bit thicker than my other boys so he needs me to see him pants!
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    13. Hello guys!
      Does anyone know if Epsilon head fits Dollshe mystic body?
      I’ll be very grateful for photos!
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    14. Just realized I never posted my boy here. This is my RR Epsilon!

      I absolutely adore this boy. This sculpt is amazing! Hope we can see more of these boys around.

      Also, the Rites of Passage boys seem like they're getting really close! She just posted a bunch of updated pictures on her instagram.

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    15. I think the Rites of Passage dolls may get delayed a bit since she just had a bad skin reaction to the resin that her masters were printed in. I hope she's ok!! :...(
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    16. I'm so happy I found this thread, these dolls are gorgeous! I'm really liking the look of Erato in her Rights of Passage series.
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    17. Same, I just discovered this artist and the fact that she may make a 65 cm hunk of a muscular man...I better start saving. XD