New Doll RumpelDoll Abaddon. Sale this Saturday 5th August at 21:00 /9:00PM (Spanish time)

Aug 3, 2017

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      Release date: THIS SATURDAY 5th of August at 21:00/ 9:00 PM (Spanish time)

      Name of head:
      Head circumference: 8 Inch (approx)
      Circumference of neck hole: 10,5
      Eye size: 12mm

      In this picture, Abaddon use a Dollstown 18yrs body.

      Number of heads:
      Available colors: Fresh skin (15 heads) and Gray skin (5 heads)
      Price: 150€ + shipping
      In this price are included: Abaddon head (without makeup), certificate of authenticity and custom box

      The heads was professionally reproduced by Haru casting


      How to get one:
      You only have to write me an email to [email protected] in time (from 5th of August at 21:00 PM) and if you are one of the first twenty persons, Abaddon will be yours!
      You can google: “current local time in Madrid” to know the exact hour.

      Please specify in your email the color of the head you would like. For the case, the color you have chosen is no longer available, please also clearly specify in your email whether you would still want him in other color, or you wouldn’t.


      The Fresh Skin color is similar to Fresh skin of Dollstown and Dollshe.
      The Gray Skin color is similar to Modern Gray Skin of Dollstown and Dollshe, just slightly brighter.



      If you want to see more pictures of him, you can visit my Instagram.


      Please be patient and try to avoid asking back if the head is yours. I'll answer all of the emails I received one by one, but this takes time and I can´t answer them all at once.

      Thank you very much and Abaddon waits for you!​
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