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Rumpeldoll Discussion

Jan 8, 2018

    1. Discussion thread for Morfeo, Abaddon and any new heads that may happen in the future! :D

      Since they currently heads-only I thought it might help to show what bodies Rumpel heads look good on, and of course I'm dying to see what everyone else is doing with theirs.

      I will start by posting my Abaddon....whom I will hopefully get better photos of this afternoon. This is him before his clothes were made.

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    2. What eye size and wig size is he? You know when I ordered Mine I didn't think to ask! :aeyepop:
    3. The eyes I have in mine are 14mm and he's not wearing a wig D: his hairs is glued on. He's probably about an 8/9, his hat fits him well even with the ears, so I'm guessing a wig would too, though I never tried any on my guys (sorry D: )

      I'm guessing there are a few Morfeos on their way home, or will be soon. I got the shipping notice for mine!
    4. [​IMG]Unending by Nymrah, on Flickr

      My Morfeo is a lady and she wears 12mm eyes and a 8/9 wig.
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    5. I am waiting on an Abaddon. <3 I also will be jumping on Morfeo when he is released again (I was told he would be, they just didn't know when).

      What bodies do you have them on?
    6. @VampireAngel13 I love the way your Abaddon looks! Also those eyes are gorgeous ^-^
      I ordered my Abaddon in the last preorder so it will be a while before I get him. I do want a Morfeo also at some point
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    7. Thanks! lol now I need to go buy some eyes :whee:
      That is soooo cool that his hair is glued on, What kind of glue did you use?

      @Snow shes lovely!!!:D
    8. :D I was wondering if there would be any Morfeo Females while I was typing the first post! How pretty! X3

      yay! I for some reason keep thinking the pre-order was for both heads, but I guess Morfeo was first?
      My Abadoon is on a Dollshe Pure, I already have a Dollshe Classic at home that Morfeo will get when he arrives (though my RD Raven has it right now. Morfeo may have to wait until he gets a new body...).

      I was really excited for the last Morfeo release and preorder....I didn't know the sculpt existed until they had already arrived and were showing up in owner photos from the first order. Now I can't wait for mine to arrive *paces*

      Thank you! I'm glad so many people are getting Abaddon. He's a lot of fun! What color did you get?

      Aileens Craft glue! The fast tack (or is it fast grab? I don't remember) kind because I have no patience for sitting around waiting for glue to dry. it's great because it holds really well (never had an issue of it falling off), but when I need to remove it, it usually comes off without damaging the faceup (I had one get damaged....but I think it was that head which turned out to be a big jerk the whole time I was trying to redo his faceup)
    9. I just got the shipping notice for my Morfeo... But he has no body waiting so he'll be a floating head for a while! I ordered him on a whim because of his odd bat ears. They're great!
    10. @Loodles @VampireAngel13 thanks a lot! :D
      I don't have any male dolls but I knew I had to have Morfeo xD Lukcily he makes a great characteristic lady.

      She is on the old Supia body. I can't really say anything about the fit because I had modded the neck to be a lot thinner and for Morfeo I had to make it thicker again hhaha. But the resin match is very nice, but the Supia body is super old so this info probably isn't worth anything hahaha.

      And yeah Morfeo got sold first, but I think only 9-10 got sold that first time. Rumpel was a bit reluctant because it is their dear character and also because they didn't know if he would even sell.
      I had been following them since they first posted WIPs and I was one of the people who continuously let them know I would absolutely buy one if he would be released.
      A lot of people missed out that first time (I sent an email like 10 seconds after the order date came haha) so I'm glad there have been more pre-orders and that there will be more.
    11. I could not make up my mind about ordering him during the first release. When I made up my mind, his order period had closed. I completely missed the second release :( But that is why I made sure to order Abaddon rather than wait. I do like him too.
    12. @VampireAngel13 He's a really handsome sculpt. I ordered him in Fresh Skin :)
    13. This is my Morfeo, Màni :)
      I got him during the in-stock sale back in September. He was my bday gift to myself :D he wears a 22cm wig from tata's paradise that I trimmed (head circ. 21cm), he's on an old dollshe pure/classic body in fresh skin (it's slightly yellowed but that's normal since the body itself is from 2012) and he wears a pair of 12mm resin eyes handmade by the lovely @Cyador.
      I am curious to see how he looks on my recently acquired DZ B70-003 body in pink skin, but I've been too busy lately. I'll keep you posted if I get to switch his head with my Little Rebel Sarang, who's currently on the DZ body.

      @VampireAngel13 I absolutely adore what you did with your Abaddon, just as I love all your dolls, especially John:blush

      @Snow what a lovely girl you have, Màni is very very happy to know he has such a pretty cousin

      @Loodles @LuckyXIII @Spuggey @Blackie-Neko congrats on your incoming Abaddons and Morfeos <3
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    14. Oh I forgot to answer your question @VampireAngel13! I got him in Grey, and plan on getting him a dollstown 18yrs body
    15. Yeah I love the bat ears. And the little fangs omg so cute.

      I missed everything ha ha. I didn't have any idea he existed until I saw him out in the world already. Then I had regret....then I decided it was ok and I didn't need one. Then I became obsessed and followed Rumpel on all the social media on the off chance of a re-release XD

      That's why I ordered Abaddon too...I didn't want to regret missing him the way I missed Morfeo, and I figured I could make him work for what I wanted if I never got a Morfeo. But then I ended up making him someone else entirely, so it's a good thing they decided to do more releases.

      maybe someday flickr will work again and I'll be able to upload my pictures. :\

      he is! Congrats on yours, I can't wait to see him when he gets in. Fresh is a good color :)

      Omg he's so adorable!! Love those eyes. I am curious to see what he looks like on other bodies too....I'd love to see if you get a chance to do the head swap!
      And thank you <3

      That's right! We talked about that on instagram....when i said I should have gotten one in grey too XD (bad thoughts lol)
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    16. @VampireAngel13 Thank you!! :kitty1
      *Sorry for the double post having problems with my internet connection :sweat

      Can't wait to see lots of pictures of all the cousins when they get to their new homes! Please guys spam away with no mercy :lol:
    17. I finally got flickr to work


      He got his clothes over the weekend. I'm dying.
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    18. That is the coolest/toughest Link I've ever seen.

      @lilyindollyland Your Morfeo looks soooooo good with that wig!
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    19. @Snow Thank you! :D
      I keep calling him surly, adult-Link.

      One more for the road...
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