Preorder RumpelDoll Morfeo & Abaddon (September 30 at 21:00/ 9:00 PM)

Sep 25, 2018



      Pre order release date: September 30 at 21:00 / 9:00Pm (Spanish time)
      Pre order close date: October 15th at 21:00/ 9:00 PM
      I reserve the right to extend the pre-order date if I do not receive enough orders.

      You can google: “Current local time in Madrid” to know the exact hour.

      The color of this Morfeo head is Fresh Skin.
      *Name of head: Morfeo
      *Head Circumference: 8 Inch (Approx)
      *Circumference of neck hole: 10.7cm (aproxx)
      *Eye size: 12mm

      The color of this Abaddon head is Modern Gray Skin.

      *Name of head: Abaddon
      *Head Circumference: 8 Inch (Approx)
      *Circumference of neck hole: 10.5cm (aproxx)
      *Eye size: 12mm


      - Fresh Skin: 150€ + Shipping.
      - Modern Gray Skin: 160€ + Shipping.
      - Copper Oriental Skin: 160 + Shipping.


      *In this price are incluided: Rumpel Doll head, certificate of authenticity and custom box.
      *How to get one: You only have to write me and email to [email protected] in time.
      *Layaway Option: One month.
      *Makeup Option: No.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      First picture: Abaddon (Fresh and Modern gray skin) in a Old Dollstown 18yrs boy body.
      Second picture: Morfeo (Fresh Skin) in a Old Dollshe body.

      *The Abaddon head has been created to fit in a Dollstown18yrs old body and Morfeo fit in a old Dollshe body.
      *The skin colors are similar to Dollshe and Dollstown colors. Understand that the colors are not 100% exact, but it is similar.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      *I do not have a picture of the color Copper Oriental in one of my dolls, since it is the first time I offer this beautiful color ^^, but since the colors are similar to Dollshe and Dollstown, you can see the approx color
      here (The picture is from Dollshe)
      *Please keep in mind that heads may come with mold lines. Dark colors like Modern Gray and Copper Oriental are more difficult to sand without leaving marks and therefore may come with mold lines.
      *Please understand that it is a preorder and from the moment the preorder is closed it may take up to 4 or 5 months or even more to receive them.
      *Please, be patient. I will answer all of the emails I received one by one, but this takes time.
      *I´m going to start answering the emails on Monday.

      If you want to see more pictures of them, feel free to visit my Instagram, Facebook or Flirck.
      Thank you very much!
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