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Russian BJD dolls

Dec 31, 2006

    1. Here's the link to the site of Russian Artist who's currently selling the BJD-like dolls. They are called Mooqla

      I've seen these dolls yesterday in person at the expo. They are about MSD size but since I couldn't touch them I can't tell any more details about their materials and structure. Faces already have a slight make-up and the hairs are rooted. They have the whole background story about the privat shcool and they are kinda kreepy I suppose :sweat But I'm sure some of you will like them. So what do you think?
    2. Ah, I love the Mooqla girls(I read about them in a LJ community earlier this year.). I don't know much about them, other than they're held together with hinges, and shipping is insane.

      I'd love to hear more if anyone knows anything!
    3. Jaw hits the floor

      Im not sure how much they would be classed as BJDs
      looks resin , unique ball joints ...Im already wondering if I could get her wig off LOL
      but I like them ...cant find the shipping
      but Lisa is calling to me ....and Im trying desperatly not the hear her !
    4. oewh theyr going to the milionair fair!
      They somehow had a dollstand on the dutch milionair fair too
      (i was there because a art piece by me was on sale there...lol dont think of me as rich or you all would have cute dolls send to ya XDDD)

      I think they look scarry, but thats probebly because they dont have faceups.
      They remind me of that embrio in the massive attack video clip
    5. Mooqla are sadly not ball jointed dolls but fashion dolls. They are made of plastic, not strung but jointed together with hinges, you can't change the eyes nor the hair.

      About shipping, it's added when you purchase the doll. No idea about the quotation but it depends on the delivery method you choose.
    6. Yep, in the end I think they are not the exact BJD... :sigh

      ...but they have much more in common with BJD and their esthetics than for example with such fashion dolls as Tonner or FR. This is true also for their proportion and the structure of joints.

      It's just I really wish BJD dolls to become popular in Russia one day and I consider these dolls as a first step maybe...:roll:
    7. taking a quick look, they do look like bjds.
      closer up you can see that the 'ball joints' are just covers for the hinge :(
      it's a shame, they look so different.....
    8. What material are they made out of?
    9. Hm, I like their backstory, and like everyone says, on a quick glance they look like a modded type of BJD. But their face...eh. I'm not very fond of their squashed persian cat look. Other than that, they're neat, but not as much as other BJDs :mwahaha
    10. Though not really BJDs, they are very lovely.
    11. Mooqla dolls seem very interesting, but unfortunately they do not fit DoA's classification of an Asian ball-jointed doll. :) So I'm going to have to lock this thread. Thank you! :daisy