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RUY by A.I.R disscussion

Jul 15, 2010

    1. It's a very pretty sculpt! Reminds me of DreamingDoll Sally which is another sculpt I admire. I definitely like Ruy's Asian look and am interested in seeing what else AIR will be coming out with! :)
    2. I actually think he looks a bit like a Volks tohya/kohya.

      When I was looking at siwoo's progress pictures I thought he looked really young and cute, but with faceup I think he has a more grownup look.
    3. He does look like a young relation of the Tohya/Kohya sculpt. Chibier and with fuller features but they could be a part of the same family. I like it!:chocoheart
    4. I see Tohya/Kohya in the eye shape and the nose tip, but I see Sally in the general facial shape, placement of features, etc. I think he would make a good sibling to Sally. :aheartbea

      He reminds me a little bit of my Megu as well--mind you, it might just be the aesthetic that reminds me of her. XD I really love sulky looking boys! I think he'd make a great sibling to Volks Pearl as well! :D
    5. Sorry i wasn't trying to say you were wrong and he dosen't look like sally, I meant to say he ALSO looks like kohya XD and seeing that blank comparason side by side, wow, he really does look similar, I didn't notice so much with faceup.

      I see the similarity to pearl as well. But pearl looks like F-26 (he looks like f-26 as well!) who is often considerd part of the Cecile/f-17/kohya family so.... XD

      I sometimes talk to Siwoo and she was worried that RUY wouldn't be a popular style head-sculpt, so it's nice to see a bit of disscussion going on!
    6. Oh no! HAHA! I didn't think you meant I was wrong at all! ;) I just wondered if the facial ratios were as similar as I thought eyeballing, so I thought I'd share my silly Photoshopping. :)

      Ruy definitely reminds me of a lot of classic Volks sculpts and I really admire that in a sculpt! XD It's what brought me into the hobby all these years ago.

      Awww! Siwoo shouldn't worry! I think Ruy can appeal to many--it's a sculpt with a lot of versatility. I think Ruy is an interesting sculpt and has a lot of possibilities!! I mean, Ruy could definitely be a boy or a girl because the sculpt is just soft enough to pull off both. :)
    7. Man, I saw those pictures of Ruy and was immediately enchanted by that face. I really like it.
      I am thinking of maybe getting it on my credit card, even though I shouldn't. >_>

      Okay, I had trouble signing up for the board last night. D: Saved my credit card, but Ruy head!! DD:
    8. I agree.
      He is so cute, I love him! :aheartbea

      Ah, only just over one more day to order. I don't think I can justify it. I just saw the news today.
      He is really cool though. Especially with the Gray faceup. I really like it.
    9. Hehehe. :aheartbea
      He kind of reminds me of my Dollzone Mo with those squinty eyes. I didn't notice that there's only a little time left to order one! O_O There's only two orders... prolly because there were problems with the board.
    10. Thank you very much for your interest & cheering!!! ><

      We decided to extend the RUY's free order period untill ~25/JULY/2010.
      Because We had some website error in the order period.
      Very Sorry and Thank you. ^-^;;
    11. Yay! Thank you Siwoo! :D Such a pretty head, I'm glad I ordered one. :aheartbea It's a special head to usurp a grail head's money, but that face was just so striking when I first saw the pictures. So pretty! :whee: We need more Ruy on the board! OwO

      Heeee! :aheartbea I keep waffling on the boy/girl decision though. On one hand, really cute boy. On the other, really cute girl. So hard to decide! I think maybe, though, that this head will be sharing my boy Jones' body for a bit.
    12. AIR offers layway and the order period has been extended...go on, you know you want to! We need lots of RUYs on DOA!
    13. Hehe Sillypeach, you're such an enabler! :XD:
    14. Great work Siwoo, I just love your sculpts.
    15. What is the boy body that he's shown on? Clearly it's pretty small, but those hands look more mature than the bodies listed as being compatible (ie SD10, Aria Elegance, etc.).
    16. You are an enabler! :XD: I'm still a little unsure. I wonder if he would look good on a SDGr body? *goes back to stare at pretty pictures*

      It says on the website that he is on a Luts Delf boy body ^^
    17. Really? Because those aren't Delf boy hands in those photos in the news thread. Confusing.
    18. Are you talking about in the first picture on the news thread?
      I think that hand belongs to the other doll in the pictures. If you look down to the third pic I think the hand looks less mature.
      But I'm not too familiar w/ Delf hands so I can't be sure either :sweat
      I do think I recognize those shoulders as belonging to Delf though.
    19. Oh duh, you're right, and I have a Delf boy! Didn't occur to me that the hand belonged to the boyfriend. Strange since the resin is supposed to match Volks normal, which certainly doesn't match Delf normal.