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Ryung by Rainman: NEW pix and FREE GIFT...

Feb 12, 2005

    1. O.M.G :o

      Her hands are so beautifully delicate @_@ And her face is so realistic- its the prettiest I've seen and the closest to a human (well... imho ^^; )

      Too bad Im not a girl-doll fan or i'd be all over her! ...wonder if I could make her a boy...

    2. I think you probably could make a boy out of her, she looks very boy-ish in the first couple of promo pics.

      She's a very lovely and unique doll! Too bad I just got out of the bigger bjd's. Still pondering upon a tiny one, though ^_^
    3. I love Winky!
      I think she's my favorite elfdoll :grin:
      Are her shoes molded resin like the other dolls'? I wonder if she can also exchange feet with them.
    5. does anyone else think she looks vaguely like Scarlett Johansen? The perpetually pouty lips paired with the alert eyes seem very much like her to me :D Ah, I'm so glad there will be one nearby for me to oggle *nudges Sher through the DOA ether*
    6. Hahah yes she does! But I think twingkey looks more like her XD
      That's one of the reasons my sister wants a twingkey XDDDDDDD
    7. ;_; I want her and make her a him please. Ryung is GORGEOUS. I wish it was possibly to just obtain her head. Oh well, I'll have to look into that. Maybe someone will give away the 2nd head? *falls over* I wish I had 450. >.>
    8. i'm in love with her sleeping head.
    9. That was the first thought i had upon seeing her for the first time. Thank you for voicing that opinion. :) The lips and the shape of the cheeks are just very similar... and the rest fit into place. Rock on.
    10. I am getting a giggle out of the flowers placed over her nipples. tee hee.

      how long do I have to wait again? aack! dying! :D
    11. I'm slow and just realized you said Scarlett Johansen. x.x Maybe that's why I'm in love with her considering Scarlett is one of my favourites and I find her gorgeous.
    12. She is really a beautiful doll!! I love her facial features. Large almond shaped eyes, and lush full lips. I knew I wanted her the moment I set eyes on her.

      For those of you who dont have the money up front. Lay away is possble. I asked....that is how I know =)) :grin: <~~~~ getting one!!!!! :D

      :daisy :daisy :daisy :daisy :daisy :daisy
    13. You know what's great about Ryung? (Aside from just her general fabulous-ness, of course!)

      I love that she comes in jeans and that white shirt. That's exactly what I would get her if I had to get her something!!! So even if it takes me a while to make her other clothes, she'll still be decently dressed in the meantime.

      *Sigh* Are they done yet? *sigh*
    14. WAH I also want Soah.. :o !!!..I'm afraid i might like Soah even more..^^...GOSH why did he make them so pretty!!

      I also like the body..very nice..!!


      Does any1 know the difference between the 450 dollar Ryung and the ryung layaway??
    15. The $450 is a deposit -- there's still $200 to pay before she ships. The layaway one is probably a bit more because of the convenience of taking more time to pay. I guess. But I think they would be the exact same doll.
    16. that's like 650 dollar without custome charges and without shippingcost!!

      :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

      I will die!! that's so much money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I thought because you use a pre-order button she'd only cost 450 dollar exclusive shippingcost and custome charges..

      GASP I knew this was too good to be true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      now...i can't buy..a peakswoodss... :cry: for my birthday....I'll ask ryung for my birthday..my parents and boyfriend and friens will have to cash in some money..GAG
      :( ..... how can 19 year old girl afford this doll hobby...my mom has to make more money..or i'll have to turn into a millionair..next month!!!!

      dying really slowly!!....
    17. The $650 is with free shipping within the US. And considering she comes with extra head, wig , jeans and shirt (did i forget anything) I think this is a really good price. Plus you only have to put up $450 now and can save up for the rest, i mean there's at least 2 months before she will be ready to ship :) I cant wait for mine !
    18. I think it's a great price too, but Bliss is in The Netherlands so it would cost her a bit more because of shipping.

      BUT...I just checked my first email from Davona from before the pre-orders started, and this was in there:

      "Ryung will also be available WITHOUT faceup, wig, and fashion, but WILL come with eyes. Details/price to follow."

      That might knock about $100 off the price, and maybe help some people who can't quite manage the full set.
    19. Elf Piper > Thanks for sharing the info, that's really great news. ^^