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Ryung Pre-Order has started!

Feb 11, 2005

    1. Davona,

      Ryun's description says she's a "Limited 60 cm high-quality resin ball-jointed doll," but how many is she limited to? Or is she limited to only as many as are ordered during the preorder period? Will there be future preorders, or will she truly be limited to only this one release?

    2. Is there a body shot available somewhere, please?

      Ann in CT
    3. http://www.rainmandoll.com/ >>Gallery>> click on 1-28
    4. Ok, 1-28 is the date the picture was posted on, over on the right.
      Man, I was going crazy (er) trying to find that, right in front of me.

      Thanks a lot for the pointer.

      Ann in CT
    5. Looks like a BOY body to me Seraphyn!

      I gotta have this girl.. and the other one he showed on the forum... unfinished..
      BUT where do the dollars come from???????

      me thinks a new career... "Habitual Criminal"
    6. Davona.. how long is the pre-order going to be open... I have a MONEY problem...

      On Wednesday I transferred a SUBSTANTIAL sum to both my credit cards... and wanted to use some via Paypal and ordinary credit card transactions to BUY some dolls!

      BUT it went missing into the blue behond limbo land.... it finally rocked up on both my accounts today.. BUT the banks are treating the payments as check payments and will hold it until 'cleared".. att least another 3 working days GRRRRR - so I cant use it!
      I am fuming.. it was a CASH payment.. I rang them both and told them.. but they wont change what they are doing...

      I will be mighty upset if I miss this girl!
      It might not be till the Wednesday 15th that I can make the downpayment... is this going to be a problem???????

      BTW.. I LOVE that "free" sleepy head!!!!!! I would have purchased her!

      Another Q... at a later date... is it going to be possible to just buy a girl body.. so I dont have to swap heads? So both my girls can be assembled?
    7. I think the preorder period is until Feb 28th :)
    8. Ahhhh I will make it then!!!!!