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Sacramento KCRA Channel 3 ABJD Story [ON AIR NOV.15th]

Sep 7, 2007

    1. So, my friend's mother works for KCRA, which is channel 3 in the Sacramento area.

      This story will be airing next Thursday, Novemeber 15th, at 10pm and 11pm.

      This weekend, they will start to air short preview commercials about the segment.

      The segment is rather short, but oh well. :o

      It will be uploaded to youtube the next day or so. :)


      She will be making a account on here, but for now, she requested me to post this information on here to get people.

    2. That sounds really awesome, seeing as I live in Sacramento. When is she intending to air this story?
    3. She said that there is already a set date, but she forgot to tell me. >.<;;;

      But, I'll ask her later tonight when I call her.

      When they go to the Volks store in Torrance, they want a few people to be in the shop, actually shopping, to show what its like. I've never been there in person, so I might be going down there also. :D
    4. Well, make sure to mention to her that LA Volks is only open during the weekends unless she makes some kind of special arrangements with Volks. That's cool they even want to go to the store!
    5. Oh definately. She knows already, and is planning to go on a Saturday.

      Oh yeah. Forgot to mention, she wants people of ALL ages, with dolls to interview. A few people will be interviewed, and then there will be group pictures taken.


      Also, the segment will be on YouTube, and the KCRA website. :)
    6. You did post this info in some of the NorCal/Sacramento threads in Meetups, right? Just making sure so you can get maximum coverage for this! I hope they post the segment online so we all can see!
    7. What's the website? And please, update us when it airs and is posted. If it's on YouTube, please link!
    8. Oh I edited my post, it WILL be posted on Youtube, and the KCRA website. I don't know the actual site, but if you google Sacramento KCRA Channel 3 it should pop up.

      I'll check on that.
    9. We can probably host the meet-up if needed. Since we've done it before. We'll just have to know so that we can CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN
    10. Sounds fun. I might be able to. It would have to be scheduled on a day I can take off work which isn't a problem really. House is clean. However, I do exceed her wishes of 2-3 dolls although I am selling like a mad woman. Not sure I would want to be interviewed and have FREAK stamped across my head in my little community. I'm sure you can all relate. My non-doll people think I'm nuts and there is no changing their minds. So what, eh?
    11. I think it's a little bold of them to tell us when, where, how many, and what kind of people they want to see at a meet. It seems a little impolite to me for them to pretty much tell us to have a controlled meet so they can do a story rather than asking if they could attend one of our meets. Other than that I'm very interested to see how it goes. It will probably draw a lot of new collectors in the area after it airs. It sounds very exiting.
    12. If anyone has more than 2-3 dolls, thats completely fine. The more dolls the better actually, but the reason she said that, is because if everyone one brought 1 doll, then there wouldn't be many to show. :(

      Just like, if only women or something were there, it wouldn't show that BJDs are for all ages and gender. :o
    13. ha ha. I'll have to have my sister watch the story when it comes out. I'm not sure she's even really seen my dolls yet.
    14. This is so cool *-* I want to attend, but only have 1 doll at the moment. Lol, maybe they'll be interested in how starving students afford them?
    15. whoa! that's cool! I remember KCRA channel 3 when I lived in Travis, AFB. Man, I wish I was still there in that area, I love CA. :) Can't wait to see the interview!
    16. Dang! I'm close to Palm Springs and just did a presentation yesterday on the darlings.
    17. Definitely post links when it's done! :) I really want to see! :dance
    18. I'm in Sacramento for work from time to time, I hope I can catch it. If not, there's always youtube. :)
    19. Ah. Its gonna be this Wednesday. I was surprised its gonna be so soon. *_*
    20. can't wait to watch this on Youtube! :D