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Sad girl?

Sep 5, 2008

    1. I have a soulkid Miribyeol and she has the cutest smile, but I want my next doll to be a bit more meloncholy. :( I prefer a young looking face as she will be the little sister.

      Do you guys have any suggestions?
    2. A good number of the Dollstown girls look sad. I've been lookin for a sad girl myself. Some of the little Lati's look sad as well if you're looking for a tiny.
    3. I personally suggest the Kid Delf Cherry girl. She looks very melancholy but quite sweet, and depending on the faceup can look very young or somewhat mature.
    4. My most sad looking girl doll so far is Dollzone Fenyo. Even though with a right faceup almost every doll can be sad/melancholic.
    5. Depending how matrue and how melancholy you want, there is always the Narae heartbreak face - I don't like the face-up on the example and think the pic is overexposed, but it gives you an idea.
    6. Lati Yern can be sad looking. and i love her so much I have two of them!
    7. N-Doll Miso is also sad-looking.

    8. I second Dollzone Fenyo!
      She makes me want to cry every time I see her T_T
    9. Angell-Studio Gus is really melancholic looking to me. I LOVE mine.

    10. i think the msd girls of dollstown are very sad and melancholy looking.
      seola, mari, sia and ganga are th emost sad, arin is a bit less but still quite melancholy looking in my opinion...
      i think the dollstown head molds are one of the most pretty and realitic looking sculpts ut there, i like to do my own face-ups and on those dolls they always look much better than other dolls...they are wonderfull and i really recomend
      ok fanmode out...sorry for the rambling and good luck with finding you dolly...

    11. Soulkid Tiffee!
      Here is my grumpy Domino.

    12. OH! Awesome. I love the look of angle studio:D. I got to see them at dollectable, but I didn't know which one to get. Thanks for posting the pic. She didn't look that sad on the website but you pic I can see how sweet she is. Yay!!

      And thanks for posting links Guys!
      the ked delf girls are super cute too!!
    13. I suggest a Lati Green Lea. She's 30cm tall, but would be perfect for a sad little sister. <3
    14. If you don't mind an elf, Bobobie Sprite can be very very sad looking.
    15. Blue fairy Olive is my saddest mini!
      My mitten is a boy, but is sold as a girl on the website


      Many of the Bluefairy dolls have a sad look to them so be sure to check them out.
    16. Blue fairy is also very cute.

      I was considering BF May for a while but I'm still leaning toward AS gus
    17. I second Petsha and Fenyo.

      They really do have such a sad look to them, as well as looking childish and very beautiful at the same time. ^_^