Sad News about Kellyhime

May 26, 2016

    1. No my God Sad about this .....prayers for our dear friend Robert in dealing with this ...this is so difficult not to cry right now ...she was such a beautiful LADY in attitude, compassion and spirit ...I always thought she represented the best in the BJD friends world ....Kelly ,will miss you greatly dear ,but I am glad you are not ill anymore and have no more pain ....I will try to not make this the saddest day ever even tho my heart is breaking because I know you
      cared for us all and the hobby ....many people worldwide send you off with love at this time Kelly ...I remember when you had the idea to remember a young doll collector named Sarah years ago on livejournal documenting as she received her beloved Volks doll as she grew close to passing meant so much to all the fellow collectors in the beginning .....profound and lovely human being {{{cries}}}
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    2. I never met Kellyhime, but her activity on DoA has been inspirational to me as it has been for so many of us. I feel deeply saddened by the news of her passing, and my thoughts are with her and her loved ones.
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    3. This is a truly fitting tribute, as graceful and heartfelt as Kelly herself. I know she would have been deeply touched by this.

      The last time we talked, she was happy to be out of the hospital and on outpatient treatment -- I'm so grateful that she got a respite to spend time with Robert and with friends and family, before her final illness.

      She will be very missed -- I don't really have the words to express how much.

      All my love to Robert, to their families, and to all the friends whose lives she touched.

      Rest in peace, beautiful friend.
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    4. Condolences to Kelly's loved ones. I personally don't know her but I see her name a lot here on DoA as I am a fan of Volks dolls as well. So I've been very familiar with her name in those Volks threads. It's sad to hear her passing away. RIP Ms. Kelly!
    5. I had the pleasure of working closely with Kelly over 3 (and a half!) conventions and I considered her a mentor in all things bjds. She was and is, an inspiration and you could not find a more gracious ambassador for this hobby. I don't recall going to any event where I did not see her, with many of the most memorable get-togethers hosted by her personally.
      We both took a breather from the hobby a few years back and when we saw each other at a show 2 years ago we talked about doing another bjd convention - she was our fearless leader and I would have gladly joined her in another venture if everything fell into place!
      I'm so glad now that I got to enjoy her company twice this year, that through her health issues that she was still able to participate in a steam punk discussion with my other doll group and at a general get-together just 2 months ago. And I think she made it a point to keep in contact as best as she could until the end,
      I will miss her, miss her lovely tea parties, her homemade macarons and miniature P&J sandwiches, her wonderful creations for her boys and girls, her interesting perspectives on everything,and most of all, her upbeat perfectness.....
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    6. May I be so bold as to speak for many who may not be as active on the forum as we once were...Kelly was a wonderful person, a stupendous friend, and this community is all the richer for her having found us.

      I very much appreciate reading Robert's words, thank you for posting them.
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    7. I am saddened to hear this. I met Kelly in LA when she had that omukae ceremony at the Volks mansion so many years ago. The doll world has lost a devoted collector. She was gracious and always friendly. Thoughts and prayers to her surviving family. I know how hard this is having lost a spouse as well.
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    8. The many kind things that everyone has written about dear Kelly are all true, and so much more.
      I had the great good fortune to be friends with Kelly. She was the first to welcome me into the world of bjds during her Rose Garden meetup in Golden Gate Park. Later, while working on Dollectible and GoGaDoll conventions, I got to see her in action. She approached all tasks at hand with intelligence, passion, and commitment.
      Her grace, sharp good humor, artistry, her zest for life, and just her presence are missed very much.
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    9. My deepest condolences to Kelly's family.
    10. I had a really short and brief conversation with Kelly last year, and have always remembered her for the way she spoke to me with such genuine kindness, sweetness and sincerity, even when I was a complete stranger prior to that.
      I am saddened by this news but will always remember her. My condolences to her husband, family and friends.
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    11. :atremblin Tragic to hear this. She will be missed from the hobby.
    12. I'm so sad to hear this. Kelly was kind enough to make some wonderful outfits for several of my dolls on commission, and we worked together on the project for a long time. I lost touch after she moved away from BJD for a time. I can't believe she's gone. She always seemed such a vital person, full of imagination and creativity.

      Sending love and condolences to Robert, her family and friends.
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    13. I'm so sorry to hear this. I didn't know Kelly as well as many of you, but I remember very well meeting her and Robert at the 2007 Tokyo Dolpa. They were both extremely nice. I later worked with Kelly briefly when I gave a small talk at Dollectable. She was thoughtful and always made people feel appreciated.

      It's just so shocking and she was such a part of DoA for so long.
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    14. Ah, how awful to hear this.... my condolences to her family and friends. We weren't close or anything, but I always thought of her as such a mainstay of the BJD hobby. ;_;
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    15. Gods bless you on your way, Kelly.
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    16. What sad news. My sincere condolences to her family and friends.
      The messages here are quite beautiful in their expressions of how much she contributed to and will be missed in the community and to all those she knew.
    17. My deepest condolences to Kelly's family and friends. It's awful to lose someone you're close to. She will be missed greatly on this forum and in real life.
    18. This is so saddening to hear. She was a great and friendly person and while I was not close, I enjoyed our conversations and exchanges. Even after I left the hobby for years and years, she is still so easily one of the people in this hobby I can remember by name without effort and quite positively so.

      My heart goes out to Robert and the family, as well as friends. She will be missed deeply.
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    19. This is sad news. Kellyhime was such a positive and creative influence in this community and she will be missed greatly. Hopefully her influence will continue on. I only had the chance to meet Kelly once, at the Tokyo Dolpa in 2007 and she was just lovely to talk to. She was so friendly and kind and gave me really good advice about making dolly clothes which I remember to this day.

      My sincere condolences to Robert, Kelly's family and the wide circle of friends she 's left behind. We have all been enriched by knowing her.
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    20. I didn't know her, but it sure sounds like it would have been a privilege to. Hugs....