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Sad News about Kellyhime

May 26, 2016

    1. I'm so sorry to hear this, and condolences to her husband and family.
    2. I met Kelly once at the SF BJD convention - she was gracious, kind, and very sweet. I am sorry to hear of this lovely lady's passing - she will be missed.
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    3. I am so heart broken to hear of her passing, as someone that is in the medical field, cancer in general is one disease I despise the most. I lost my father to it, my grandmother and my grandfather to it. I send my heartfelt condolences to her family and friends.
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    4. I met Kellyhime a couple of time at Yaoicon and she was an absolute delight to talk to! I'm so sad to hear that she's passed. It's really heartbreaking.
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    5. I've just seen this. :( How heart breaking. I didn't know her personally, but remember her from my more active days on the forum and I know she will be greatly missed.
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    6. I met Kelly at my first Goga. She was always so kind to everyone. She even put up with my constant questions that day about her Volks Emma. Loving wishes to her friends and family. And especially to her wonderful husband who loves her so dearly. Thank you for sharing Kelly with us.

      As an aside: crpsaiyan; Thanks for posting this video! I'm right next to the person filming in the black and white polka doted top. This brought back some really great memories.
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    7. Such a tragic loss, I never knew her, but this breaks my heart to see/read... I really hope her husband and family can find some peace throughout and following her passing. Maybe I'm overstepping, but does anyone who knew her or has more experience with doll companies think maybe we could talk to Volks about honoring the woman that was such an integral part in the BJD community (and what it seems to me to be the Volks US community in particular)? A one off doll, or maybe a clothing set based on an actual outfit of hers? Again maybe I'm overstepping, and if so I apologize, but my heart tells me some sort of dedication like that for her would be something that would make her smile. Rest in peace Kelly. <3
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    8. I absolutely love the idea of a Volks outfit based on one of her designs. :) I can't imagine exactly how one would broach such a topic to them, but I love the idea. And plenty of her stuff would be right up their alley, too.
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    9. If we could just get to someone in the company who might have some pull in that area, this is where we need members who have perhaps dealt with the company before. I have a friend who was a sculpting teacher for one of Volks's mold artists, but I don't know how much pull he would have in the company. I don't know, I just feel like her story is so inspiring as she was one of the first sort of pioneers for BJDs in America, I would hope it could touch and resonate with just about anyone associated with BJDs. Like I said, I never knew her, but this news has broken my heart. I feel like such an important lady, not to mention Volks's first US omukae, would really be someone any and everyone would find worthy of remembering in such a small but meaningful way. Maybe we could start a DoA event where faceup artists and tailors could auction off pieces and faceup slots where 50% of the proceeds would go to her charity of choice and the other 50% to her family, or 100% to her charity if that's what the family so desires? I would just love to see some sort of "gone but never forgotten" kind of tribute besides all the wonderful words and memories, which don't get me wrong, are all anyone can ask for after such a tragedy. <3
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    10. I think Kelly would really be honored! I recall that she had a relationship with Mrs Shigeta and that she spoke with her at length at one of the Volks mansion parties around Halloween.

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    11. I am also a friend of Kelly's and I have some connections with Volks . I should be able to get in touch with them pretty easily and see if we can do something. I contacted the Shigetas last year about Kelly and they sent her a lovely card. They do remember her.

      Please keep in mind though, that they are a large company and this sort of thing takes a bit of time and negotiation. They usually have a very full schedule between their releases and events, so even if they agree, it would happen some time from now.
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    12. I've not been on the forum recently and am just now learning this very sad news. It's hard to imagine that someone who has been a kind and gracious presence for my entire decade in the hobby has been taken in such a way. I didn't know her personally, either, but for all of us and particularly those who were close to her, my heartfelt condolences. How very fortunate we were to have her.
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    13. I missed this section and the sad news until just now! I am so sorry to know she is gone, and far too soon. I'm in SoCal, so never got to know all you Bay Area folk well, but I've certainly bumped into you at many events-- All the CA Volks parties and other places. I definitely remember her lovely dolls and beautiful doll dresses and her sweet presence on DoA. My sympathy to you all who knew her, and I feel so for her husband and family who must miss her so much.
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    14. The date has been set for Kelly's memorial. If you can be in San Francisco on Sunday, June 26th, please send me a message with your full name and email address and I will pass it along to Robert.
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    15. so very sorry to hear this news.....She was indeed a bright light...my thoughts and condolences for her family and friends
    16. as someone who hasnt been personally touched by this person i am still saddened by their passing simply because i can tell she was someone special with a far-reaching hand both in the artistic and kindness based worlds. i hope hers was a peaceful passing even as we all mourn her loss. i may have never met her but the stories of all of those who did have made me realize that i am lessened for having not know such a beautiful and caring young woman!
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    17. Thinking of you and your family and circle of friends. She will be missed.
    18. Having just lost my own life partner of 25+ years, on May 10th, this news hits me hard indeed. While I never got the chance to get to know Kelly personally, I always enjoyed reading her posts and comments here on DoA, and I always thought she'd be a great person to have as a friend. My condolences to her husband, family, and friends.
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    19. I haven't been on the boards in a while and just saw this. My condolences to her family and friends.
    20. I haven't been here for a bit and just noticed this. I am truly sorry and my condolences go out to her friends and family.