Event [SADOL] 16th-anniversary events!

Aug 3, 2019

    1. Sadol's 16rh anniversary event!
      Event period July 30th, 2019 ~ August 25th, 2019

      [ EVENT NO.1 ] Let's give them a dressing room!
      - If you purchase one of Sadol's full doll, we will gift you three sets of clothes! (They will be random sets)
      - If you purchase one set of Sadol's clothes, we will gift you one set of clothes! (They will be random set)

      [ EVENT NO.2 ] Points for next shopping spree!
      We are going to announce the two lucky winners on the website around the end of August 2019.
      - We will draw two lucky winners from our YouTube channel subscriber and give them 20k points!
      - You will have to like, comment with an email address, subscribe, join Sadol website!
      - International customers can join this event as well!

      * Random gift sets will be similar price ranged or slightly lower.
      * Classic returns sets will be excluded from random gift sets, as well as limited sets.

      Sadol website: HI!!! Welcome to sadol^^
      Sadol Facebook: Sadol
      Sadol Twitter: 사돌(SADOL) (@sadol2013) | Twitter
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