Feb 10, 2021

    1. Hello this is Sadol
      Sorry for being absent, we've had some really busy end of 2020 as well as 2021.
      BUT we are here to announce big updates and events.

      The whole event will be starting from Feb 9th to Feb 25th, 2021!

      2021 Event eyes!


      The following items will have discounted price!

      - The Beast
      - S - 01 / 02 / 03 (DD size eyes)
      - SS - 01 / 02 / 03 (Smaller DD size eyes)

      GTS 2020 Event!

      If you purchase [GTS 2020 - Girl] set, we will gift an additional skirt as a gift!
      [GTS 2020 MSD for Girl / Boy]'s the price has been discounted!

      SG Event!

      [SG 60 BODY] - We will gift regular leg parts
      If you purchase a full set, there will be discounts!
      [SG 53 BODY] - We will gift heel feet parts and a random outfit set!
      If you purchase a full set, there will be discounts!

      Total amount event
      If your total amount exceeds over (In a one-time transaction)
      - Over $1000 - We will gift 50 points
      - Over $2000 - We will gift 100 points
      - Over $3000 - We will gift 200 points

      * * *

      Random Lucky Box!
      *This item will NOT be counted towards the Total amount event.

      !!! This event runs only from Feb 14 to Feb 20th !!!

      Eye box $100
      Contains three pairs of random eye sets! (can choose the size)

      Clothes box $120
      Contains random clothes worth $200! (can choose the size)

      Sadol website: HI!!! Welcome to sadol^^
      Sadol Facebook: Sadol
      Sadol Twitter: 사돌(SADOL) (@sadol2013) | Twitter

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    2. I need some help here!!! I can’t find the random lucky box for the eyes. Which category is it under? Thanks.