New Doll [SADOL] BABY27 COCO + Event

Jun 2, 2020

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      [ Link to COCO ]

      Hello everyone! This is Sadol!
      We are here to announce the newest Sadol doll: BABY27 COCO!


      She's compatible with YoSD size


      With COCO we are holding an event!

      [Event period] 2020 May 30th ~ 2020 June 30th

      1. Two additional hand parts (random)
      2. If you purchase a full doll, you can get CLASSIC clothes set for only $50.00!
      3. Gift - Doll bag.


      Sadol website: HI!!! Welcome to sadol^^
      Sadol Facebook: Sadol
      Sadol Twitter: 사돌(SADOL) (@sadol2013) | Twitter
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