Jul 30, 2016

    1. Hello, this is SADOL

      August of 2016, it's our 13th birthday!
      Thank you for all the supports and love towards us in these past years.


      Aug 1st, 2016 ~ Aug 15th, 2016

      โ˜† EVENT 1. 20% discount on ALL CLOTHES (This includes limited sets too!)
      โ˜… EVENT 2. 20% discount on doll body
      โ˜† EVENT 3. 20% discount on doll + head, if you buy full doll, we will gift you random clothes set!

      Again, thank you so much, and we hope you like our events,
      and we hope you enjoy the rest of summer vacation!

      *This event will be following first come first serve rule, so grab them quick before they get sold out!
      * Currently, everything is marked as sold out, just because of this event, no worries! They will be back on Aug 1st!

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    2. Great news! Will the event be bringing back any former outfits? I would love to see the classic, Victorian look for boys come back.

      Thank you!

    3. Is everything already sold out? No dolls are for sale on the website on my end :(
    4. @Joy LaBelle It looks like they answered your question in the bottom of their post~ <3
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    5. Will it still be possible to pay in 2 month installments during the event? The cart isn't reflecting the option to do so.
    6. I've been to that website many times. Also I've purchased some of the wonderful clothing they make. I find very little on the doll body on the net except for and older YouTube video. I find it confusing as to the FACE I love. Not sure which one I'm looking at. Also the measurements on the Love60 vs. Honey63? Are they different? And the heeled LEG? and flat foot. Seems like that might stop me from an order. A lot of work just to change a pair of shoes. Where can I find more information on SADOL dolls?
    7. @Cathie Milwaukee From what I can tell Sadol appears to list body measurements only on the listings for "body", not on listings for the full dolls. In the left hand menu you can click "parts" category, and then look at measurements by choosing the item "Love 60" or "Honey 63" etc. Measurements are displayed on these item pages.
      It also seems that bodies come with normal jointed legs and flat feet by default. The high-heel leg parts are an option when ordering. You can order the high-heel leg parts in addition to the normal legs and feet for an additional cost.
      I hope that this is helpful. You may also try to find an answer to your questions by posting directly on the company Q&A board.
    8. I really appreciate your answer, especially when there is so little information available regarding Sadol BJDs. This is helpful. Thanks.