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Sadol CUTIE40 Discussion

Aug 29, 2015

    1. Who else is swooning over SADOL's new CUTIE40 line? From the measurements they seem to be slimmer minis; I love their curves!

      Haerang is my favorite, but Yena tugs at my wallet, too.

      Large Chest Body
      Small Chest Body

      Measurements & Body Comparison:


      Photo by SADOL ~
    2. They're so cute! *-*
      I'd make them triplets! <3
    3. Oh dear, Haerang is both cute and so gorgeous.
      I am so glad I haven't planned any other Minis, or I would be really tempted.
      I can't wait to see what owners will get up to with them.
    4. Oh man, i almost wish i collected this size, that small bust body would be near perfect for the girl i'm reshelling! What lovely sculpts!

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    5. What a gorgeous body! Not enough joints for me, thankfully. I've learnt solid torsos and I don't go together.

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    6. Triplets are an awesome idea, @Soraiasama. :XD:

      Minis are my weakness, @Kazegoroshi... so your wallet is lucky in that regard. ;) I'm just glad I didn't buy a pair of Sadol's new eyes during their event because now if I *do* succumb and buy a Cutie40 + eyes I'l'l qualify for free shipping. :dance

      The small bust body is beautiful, @littletinygems. The only other 1/4 body I can think of off the top of my head that is 17.5cm or less is Xagadoll's A Bust (17cm) ---- Sadol's and theirs are both lovely, IMO!

      I can totally understand that, @Emmaboo. I have a few minis without a torso joint and while it's not a deal-breaker I do miss that joint when trying to make a doll slouch. I also prefer heeled feet with ankle joints (as opposed to the full leg, like these Cutie40s --- I think Little Monica's minis have one piece heeled legs/feet, too).

      Not that any of my minis with heeled feet currently use them, but I like the option of just swapping them out instead of dealing with restringing legs. :sweat
    7. I'm really quite picky when it comes to bjd bodys, I also look for a joint at the top of the leg in anything other than a tiny. I've been through a lot of dolls ;)
      I think I'd want joints for heeled feet too, so you can move and pose them.

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    8. The next company making curvy MSD sized like Raccoon Dolls. Since I joined here I saw so many beautyful sculted dolls.. My bank account will hate if I'm not strong enough..
      Are they single jointed and does anybody knows already something about their posibility?
    9. I was wondering if they are single jointed as well,even if they are on top of not having a torso joint I would still be interested in ordering Haerang.

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    10. [MENTION=42740]PeppermintPocky[/MENTION]

      hadn't heard of Xagadoll - that's a lovely sculpt too! This Sadol body though, I adore pear shaped bodies and one of my girls is meant to have that small bust/big hips combo... sadly I collect SD's! (and torture myself on a regular basis looking at MSDs, oops...) Really lovely body though, I'd be interested to see some all customised in owner's pics!
    11. Just a heads-up: these girls do not come with eyes. (I asked Sadol on their Q&A board.)
    12. I gave in and ordered Haerang.. Deciding between her and yena was tough but i made a good choice i think.. I am kind of confused about how their installment plant works though..
    13. Congrats on your incoming Haerang, [MENTION=65606]winxred12[/MENTION]! Please share photos when she arrives. :D
    14. So! Sadol replied to a Q&A post and they said she would arrive on the 20th!!
    15. That's awesome, @winxred12! I'm excited for you. :thumbup
    16. I am too i'm nervouse to get her.. The fact that she is single jointed scares me to be honest(i think i'll be wiring her)...and i saw a pic of some sadol girls together and their hips look so wide
    17. Ah. I'm sorry you're nervous. Hopefully once she arrives you'll experience nothing but joy. :)

      I own a single-jointed doll, myself. She's not too bad, but wiring def' helped. I haven't seen owner photos of any of the Sadol girls. Did you see them on Flickr, per chance?
    18. I saw it on instagram 'LIM' & 'Limlingerie' on Instagram: “인형행사 박람회갔다가 호기심에 들어간 돌프리마켓 정 말 신 기 했 다 ! ! ! 그냥 관절 있는 바비인형일꺼라 생각했는데.. 눈알도 팔고 가발도 다양하고 이곳의 인형이 맘에들었는데... 33만원.. 나중에.... #돌프리마켓 #SETEC…”

      I'll be picking her up at the post office today!!!
    19. Oh my word those hips are :love! I love 'em!

      Congrats on picking your girl up today, @winxred12! Do you have a name picked out for her yet? I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the sculpt. :)
    20. false alarm.. it was sometging else.. i wish sadol would give me a tracking number or smth :/