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SADOL Discussion

May 24, 2012

    1. I ordered Whee with the STAR70 body on May 21st
      :] but I'm very curious to know the resin and body matches.

      I asked Sadol and they said it was "similar to volks".
    2. I'm interested in the Star body too. I'm surprised there isn't more chat about it. I'd like to know what colour it is.
    3. I'm kind of curious too - is here at DoA any lucky owner? :)
    4. I got my Sadol Whee a couple weeks back, but I haven't posted any pictures yet.
      But I will, since you guys seem interested! :)
    5. How does the body pose. I saw Whee to and I really like him. I love how cool the body looks with the sadol clothes.

      Please post some pictures of your guy. That would be so awesome :)
    6. I really like Kyouru, and nearly went for him at first, but I would like him with the faceup he has in the naked body shots with the red hair. The Guard set comes with a much darker faceup and black hair.
      Plus, I don't see that they take lay away..?

      I would LOVE to see owner photos of posing and faceups! IsaCat - did you get the faceup with yours, or did you get him blank? Also, did you get the guard outfit as well?

      I know, ton of questions... :sweat But I'm really tempted!
    7. Hi everyone! I'm also interested in Sadol Star body. Lucky owner picrures would be much appreciated!
    8. I got Kyeoru +Mua :3 It's shipped today!! But no face up... lol I need to work on it but better get MSC first :3
      But I did went to offline store at S.Korea and had chance to play with them a little bit.
      tbh, never liked pic on website with body brushing on ( not saying artist did bad job, it's my opinion ) it b/c it made them super thin...
      but as I know, Sadol reallys puts effort on making clothes with nice lovely model/idol like fits,
      and think STAR70 is great body for it :3

      Mua, Haram
      Haram, Kyeoru

      oh and plus they recently put out Byeol Ha as well for 9th aniv.

      think I love their colour of white skins
    9. did anyone else get a sadol doll yet? ran across them on ebay and now i'm super curious!
    10. I've been curious about these dolls as well. The heads do seem to be on the large side and I had thought about making a Mu-A girl. Not sure what kind of body I'd have to get to keep the head in proportion.

      If anybody knows of or has owner pics of a Sadol head next to another company's sculpts I'd love to see it. :atremblin
    11. whenever I gets my Camera battery charger, i'll post Mu-A head next to other company's heads, and some body comparison pics etc., as well :3
    12. Please do, if you haven't change your mind, it would be super helpful. I can't find SADOL poseability info or comparsion anywhere.
    13. I really want to know how they look next to other 70cm dolls. I'm thinking of getting the body, but I dunno if the proportions would work with my collection.
    14. They have new pictures of the boys up, naked:

      I swear, Kyouru doesn't look anything like he did in the previous naked photos, or as the royal guard version, and now I'm looking instead at Ha-ram, thinking he looks more like Kyouru did.... O_o

      Anyone know if they take lay away? I can't seem to find any information about that anywhere on the English site, so I'm guessing not...?
    15. Thanks for the info aernath!

      I think Sadol sculpts are very versatile. If you look closely at all their photos you will see that their sculpts can look very different depending on the faceup. In particular Kyouru can be painted to look like he has eyelid folds or not so his eye shape really changes. This type of face sculpt best showcases faceup artists work as opposed to the sculpts that have very strong shapes and features. I have no funds for these beautiful boys right now but I would love to get my hands on Whee at some point.

      edit: Actually none of the Sadol sculpts have eyelid fold sculpted in which means you can make their eyes look very different depending on how they are painted....FUN!
    16. I have a Whee head that I'm using as a girl on a Luts SDF body. She's got the faceup from Sadol.


      The head is pretty large - I'd say comparable to Volks SD boy heads.
    17. [​IMG]

      finally got MSC, YES
      working on Kyeoru's head XD
    18. I know! I really want to get the Ha-Ram head and but it on an adult doll chateau male body!!! Do you think it will work? I think the sadol head is a bit more then 1 cm bigger then the normal doll chateau adult male head... In addition the circumference neck of the Star 70 body that this head would usally go on is 11cm while the circumference of the neck on the adult DC body is 9cm!! I hope it will work anyways!! Maybe I will have to get the head modded so it can be smaller at the neck part....?? Is that even possible?!?! What does everyone think?