Limited Items [SADOL] Haut Brion III & Chablis Etolie

Jun 12, 2021

    1. Hello, this is Sadol!

      We have been very busy preparing our new series work; SWS!

      [Haut Brion the III: Elegant lion] & [Chablis Etoile: Shining Star]
      Both of them come in three different style/color sets! So make sure to check them out!!!



      SWS (Sadol's Wine Story) is Sadol's new series of work.
      - These two outfits will be the very first of its series and we tried to capture the beauty of Bordeaux in the outfit.
      - We took the inspiration and motif from the taste of the wine.
      - Disclaimer! Just for fun! Nothing related to promoting certain existing winery/products.
      - Everything is fictional! We only used the existing locations and the description of the wines.
      - Please look forward to our new project!

      Sadol website: HI!!! Welcome to sadol^^
      Sadol Facebook: Sadol
      Sadol Twitter: 사돌(SADOL) (@sadol2013) | Twitter
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    2. In sizes for the Ladies, what is SS and LS?

      Thank you!
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    3. @Bluenocs


      -SS size : sadol LOVE60, VS SD13girl, DD-S M L, Luts DF SDF girl
      -LS size : sadol Honey63, VS SD16girl, DD-DY
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