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Update Sadol launches new website (now has shopping cart system)

Apr 21, 2011

    1. http://www.esadol.com/

      Now has shopping cart system. No longer use BBS board for order placing. Convenient!
    2. And they are now selling their own line of heads! Sadol Star line:




      I believe they've been available for a few weeks but I don't recall seeing a News announcement for them.
    3. Can I reply? The heads were available on their older website already, along with the wigs and watch. Then not long after they move to new website. =)
    4. The heads were originally available for a limited order period only. That order period seems to have been changed to an event period wherein heads ordered during that period come with a free mohair wig. There is now no mention of the heads being limited.
      Discussion thread [thread=441357]here[/thread].
    5. The site has now exceeded daily traffic limit.... rofl
    6. Sadly it looks like they are no longer offering separate pieces from outfits. You're forced to order the fullset. I loved being able to break the outfits down into what I would actually use when ordering from them. :/
    7. Play with the dropdowns on each set, it does allow you to pick what you want on the suits. Perhaps they'll add that to all the fullsets.
    8. Every outfit I have clicked on only has a fullset option showing for me in the dropdown menus, not particular pieces.
    9. I should have clarified, the neoclassic suits let you pick.