Event [SADOL] Princess eyes + Price change

May 6, 2021

    1. Hello, this is SADOL!
      2021 Special Princess Eye is here!


      This one's motif was the Jasmine Princess!!

      We are doing a 10% discount until May 20, 2021!
      Available sizes - 10mm.12mm.14mm ,16mm ,18mm

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      The body price change announcement

      2011 was when we introduced LOVE 60, and it's been almost 10 years.

      Throughout the years, we dealt with a price increase of materials, the wage, etc.
      But we managed to keep the same price by upgrading the factory and assembly line.
      2021, we can no longer reduce the very basic cost, so after long discussions and thought exchanges, we have decided to increase the price.
      LOVE60 Body has been our popular item for many years, but we hope you understand our situation and decisions.

      We will serve you with better quality products and services.
      Thank you.​

      The price change will be effective on May 15th, 0:00 AM
      8-9" Head : $100.00 -> $120.00
      LOVE 60, HONEY 63 normal leg body ($350.00) + Heel leg parts ($50.00)
      -> Normal leg body ($390.00) + Heel leg parts ($50.00)
      -> Heel leg body ($390.00) + Normal leg parts ($50.00)

      DG 59, DG 60, DG 61 heel leg body ($350.00) + Normal leg parts ($50.00)
      -> Normal leg body ($390.00) + Heel leg parts ($50.00) + Cushion
      -> Heel leg body ($390.00) + Normal leg parts ($50.00) + Cushion
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