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Sadol Star heads Whee, Kyouru and Mu-A

Apr 21, 2011

    1. Pretty exciting that Sadol has new doll heads available! :) Description states that they are compatible with Volks SD13 boy, SD17 boy and SD16 girl bodies.

      "like light" Whee

      "lonely city man" ;) Kyouru

      "like dream" Mu-A

      Mu-A is shown on an SD16 girl body modeling the new dresses. Whee and Kyouru are shown on SD17 boy bodies modeling the new suits.
    2. Okay, I'll be the first to make the lame joke . . . for someone named "Whee," that guy looks awfully sad. :XD: He's very, very pretty, though! Kyouru doesn't appeal to me as much, but I'm looking forward to seeing owner pictures with different faceups.

      Mu-A has a beautiful, ethereal quality--she would make a lovely Arwen.
    3. I have a definite plan to get a Mu-A once I get back from vacation in May! I'm so in love with that head. :aheartbea

      Originally I was thinking of a male character to make it fit into the group but after a rethink I'll be trying it out as a girl first. I love the way it looks on the SD16 girl body in the new dress pics Sadol put up. I'm not sure what body I'll actually go with yet, the Volks resin color looks quite a bit darker. Maybe a Dollstown 18girl when it comes out??? We'll see!