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Safe on-the-town display -- how do you show off your dolls while keeping them safe?

Sep 2, 2011

    1. Please feel free to move this post to where it belongs, if that isn't here.

      My girl is new, but I've already taken her out a few times. Usually it's just to my mother's house and similar easy places, but I took her to a doll store yesterday, and it was a lot of fun. Trouble was, if I carried her, I couldn't check stuff out without putting her down, and if I put her in my purse, no one could see her, and I couldn't see if things would fit her.

      Has anyone found/made a carrier for their doll that's meant to show them off while keeping them safe? Something like a baby sling, maybe? I'd love to hear about it/see pictures. :)
    2. Baskets are good! I went to a doll meet where we went to the mall afterwards, and several people had their dolls tucked into baskets. They were accessible, but still protected. I think there was a little blanket or bandanna in there to cover them if it was too sunny.
    3. I have a dog carrier purse! It is safe and secure around the sides, but the top opens and it has a strap in the middle (to keep the dog from jumping out). This works great for my SD boys as their heads are above the edge so they can "see" out, but are still securely in my bag. The way it sits on my shoulder, the boy is far enough forward that his face is not rubbing against me. It's very easy to get him in and out of the bag.

      I have seen some people use strollers or baby carriers. :P
    4. I have not gotten brave enough to take Karma out yet. Thank you for sharing. I will be looking into some of these items.
    5. I say kudos to you! I would like to take one of my girls/guy out but I'm more worried about the "wtf" and "you're weird" stares and comments. :I
      I wish the world was more open about BJDs... :|
      As for how to carry them, I've been to conventions and I've seen wagons, purses, baby strollers, specially made shoulder chairs, you name it. I'm kinda thinking dog purse like CloakedSchemer mentioned, they seem pretty good to me. And if it's good enough to hold a yappy fidgety Yorkie then I'm sure it can hold a dollie with ease. :)

    6. I got a cheap teddy-bear carrier from "Build-a-Bear". My SD sized dolls fit in that and I sling it onto my front so they're in easy reach and in sight while at meets and outdoor events but my hands are free.

      When I'm travelling, it's often easier to deal with trains and other luggage is the carrier with the doll in it is slung out of the way, on my back with both straps over one shoulder.

      Your doll probably need to be in trousers, however, as skirts and dresses just get pushed up when their legs go through the leg-holes on the carrier.

      EDITED TO ADD: Smaller dolls (MSD and Petite sizes) I carry in a carry-on style bag slung over my shoulder, so it hangs at my side with the dolls sat inside and the zip open. I also have a much smaller bag with a shoulder strap that a couple of Petite size dolls can ride in standing up so they stick out the top from chest level up.

    7. Teddy, I was wondering about those carriers. I work at Build A Bear, and those carriers caught my eye for this purpose, but I think they're probably too big for my MSD girl. :( They totally would be, right?
    8. well when i'm on a dollmeet i always have my reflex camera with me. with the camera arround my neck it's the perfect chair for msd dolls. one doll can wrap his/her arms around the straps and so it sits realy safely^^
    9. What sort of shop were you visiting with your girl? :) I usually carry mine on my arm when I take them out, though I do have a basket for my kitty twins. If I want to set a doll down I will sit them on a sturdy shelf right next to me. I usually take mine to hobby and toy stores, so the shelving is pretty secure. If what I want is on a low shelf I generally have them stand on the floor. I tend to go when most small children are not around, so once my doll is sitting and safe I'm free to wander up and down that asile.
    10. MSD and SDs are usually fine just to carry in fabric bags. I just pop them out when I want to compare sizes or pictures. You could use a see-through clear plastic bag too (I'm not talking grocery bags though, actual bags).
    11. I recently got my first BJD; a Doll-Love XueYing and I'm dying to take her to somewhere with better scenery! But, well kinda scared because of her size... I understand an MSD or smaller would be much easier because they would fit easily in a bag or purse, but a larger doll? Apart from the transportation, how is does the public react?

      I would like to hear all sorts of experiences taking an SD out, be it positive or negative ^^
    12. I just wrap their legs around me and carry them like a kid. I've had one guy tell me I needed to feed my baby (a 70cm) until he realized it was a doll but it's all been good. Then you realize how heavy your 70 is and tell him he needs to go on a diet :p

      Pending on how realistic the eyes look babies will react to larger dolls. I've had them babble to my boys and want to share snacks. Toddlers can be a bit unsure if it's real person or not.
    13. ahaha cute! I carry mine like a newborn around the house XP (...and I get weird looks from parents that way...) and if bjds confuse adults like that, then no doubt that lil kiddies will think they're real!
    14. I've only taken Corellon out a few times, he's my 62cm elf, the geeks in the local shop were quite impressed and he was passed around and admired, regular people tend to pause shortly and look when I take pictures outside, I've never had people outside of the comic book store approach me about him though.
    15. ^^ nice! Did you take him in a bag/carrier or just hold him?
    16. I rarely take mine out other than to meets, but I have taken an SD out shopping before. (It's easier to judge scale on props if the doll is actually with you, and lots of Christmas ornaments make great props!). I just carry him, since I only have a rolling bag that's big enough to carry an SD. SD's fit in the child seat on a shopping cart pretty well too. I got interested looks, fascinated questions, and often told "He looks a lot like my nephew/grandson/friends teenager". The funniest is when people look but seem afraid to ask and act like they don't want to be caught looking.
    17. All my bjds are SD and I always have the same problem... Once I took the three of them at the same time I had to use two suitcases. I advice you to take them in suitcases with rollers for easy the weight ^^
      If you aren't that shy you can also take him in your arms, but beware of possible hits, you know~
    18. I have a doll carrier for my bigger dolls. I once took Kit, my Delf Lishe to a park in London and sat with her, no one batted an eyelid. I also sat with her in a cafe and ate. No one cared. To be honest I wouldn't have given a crap even if people did.
      I think if you're comfortable with 'you' then just go for it. You get what I mean? This is your hobby, you take dolls places, it's part of it, if you feel awkward about it then don't take them outside until you're comfortable. People might stare or laugh so be it, if it's what you wanna do don't let that stop you. To quote Adam Ant 'Ridicule is nothing to be scared of.' ;)

      If people have nothing better to do than watch you then they must have a boring life, so seeing you with a little dolly will entertain them. Some people don't have anything that important that they are connected to so they won't understand it, they will kinda just float through life on a surface level and never feel deep about anything.

      I had more comments about my fluffy Elmo backpack than I ever had about my dolls outside. :lol:

      Part or the hobby is taking them out if you want to, getting comments will at some point be part of that, it's just how you deal with it that matters. Don't let others stop you having fun with your doll.
      Have a few one liner comments ready just in case. :thumbup but you'll be fine.
    19. I carry my doll in a large bag but shes sitting so her head pop outside the bag and people always react positively saying: oohh what a pretty girl ohhh shes so cute, or ohh she looks like you ^^'...
    20. I just wrap him in his pillows and put him in my regular carrying bag with my wallet and sketch book, I am just extra careful when I put other things in the bag, I think it's a bit of a hassle to pack an extra bag just to drag a doll around.