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Saintbloom Tiny discussion part 1

Mar 31, 2012

    1. This is a discussion thread for SaintBloom Rosemary dolls.
      Charlie, Charlotte, Diane, and Betty :)

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - http://saintbloom.com/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​

      Database for all Saintbloom dollies ^_^

      There isnt much on their website, but they have photos on their blog and flickr too.


      ....mod notes...


      Height : 29.5 cm
      Girth of head : 4.8 inch
      Girth of chest : 12.5 cm
      Girth of waist : 10 cm
      Girth of hips : 14.5 cm
      Width of shoulders : 2 cm
      Length of arm : 9 cm
      Length of leg : 14 cm
      Length of Foot : 4 cm

      They can wear 4-5inch wig.
      Length of foot : 1.5inch
      Width of foot : 0.6inch

      Saintbloom Rosemary discussion part 1:
    2. Hi,

      I'm happy that you guys like Saintblooms doll !!

      I have some info about the girls, coz I have one :)

      They can wear 4-5inch wig.
      and here is some shops :)

      Leekeworld :

      Glib : ( Glib doesn't have English homepage... )

      and measurements here ( I just get it from Saintbloom's homepage. )

      Height : 29.5 cm
      Girth of head : 4.8 inch
      Girth of chest : 12.5 cm
      Girth of waist : 10 cm
      Girth of hips : 14.5 cm
      Width of shoulders : 2 cm
      Length of arm : 9 cm
      Length of leg : 14 cm
      Lenght of Foot : 4 cm

      I measured the size of feet, coz someone ask me :)

      Length of foot : 1.5inch
      Width of foot : 0.6inch

      Her feet is smaller than USD, but can wear USD shoes.

      and they can wear USD clothes!

      Here is photo of my girl Cho-rok.

      her clothes is USD size ( Luts ) and her shes is also USD size ( rosenlied )

    3. my Charlie arrived! omg so cute <333

      im really WOW'd by the bodies.
      So much more detail than i thought there was gonna be.
      Cutest stomach's ever! and the hands~

      Im going out to lunch but ill post an opening thread when i get back~

      And just wanted to say that the ruby red boots i got fit perfectly.


      Here is her box-opening thread ~
    4. I got my Charlie and Charlotte today!! I am over the moon. They are so pretty and delicate.
      Can't wait to see the two new molds.
      Captainkyo, what size boots are they? They look perfect on her!
    5. If you go here, http://www.denverdoll.com/rubyredshoes.php and scroll about halfway to where it says
      "Size 12": In Motion, Ruby Red, Mui Mui, Little Fee, 27cm Bobobie"

      They are there, i figured it said it fit little fee so they should probably fit xD
      I want to get the Roman Sandals, Maizy Sandals and Tan Fashion Boots when i have more money too xD

      And CONGRATS~ I cant wait to see some photos~ Id really like to see charlotte and charlie together aswell~

      Edit: I guess theres even more ruby red shoes on their own website available.
      just gotta scroll down for the rest of em
    6. Finally some time to take pics!

      Here is Siiri with her new face-up (thanks Junipa dear!) and isn´t she a cutie! She has another doll´s wig in this pic, but will make her soon an own one. Junipa´s own girl has wonderful face too! I wanted my girl to look like an innocent young girl, still in her teen years.


      Adding another pic to show another angle, I hope it´s ok.

    7. So cute~ that faceup is so pretty~

      and grats! Cant wait to see~ :3

      Verdandi got her eyes the other day. I ordered from capture in glass 10mm but they look so much smaller than the 10mm she came with~

    8. aww, those dolls are so cute!
      I am happy to find out there's more adolescent dolls in this size than just planetdolls and lil Limhwas (and few others I don't really like), as I've recently come to the point where even MSDs are too big for me :o

      How do you order them? did you just order via email?

      also, YAY, i'm so excited to hear they fit in momoko clothes, as I find most momoko fashion particulary lovely, but don't really like momokos themselves! :D
    9. Yeah ordered through email.

      Theres alot of momoko clothes i like too, but it doesnt look like and sort of skinny pants or tight fitting pants will work because momoko legs are way more skinnier than saintblooms dollies.

      Im gonna order a pair of ttya jeans they look pretty lose, so -crossing fingers-
    10. meet Nio ! she is a Saintbloom Charlotte. Her dress is too big its yosd size but its rather large even for yosd.

      @captainkyo I love that wig and her eyes are just fine I have a pair of 8mm eyes they look even smaller.

      Hi kayjay welcome to this thread *waves back* Saintbloom is very accurate with their shipping estimates. Congrats on ordering your Charlotte !
    11. Oh shes adorable~ im starting to like charlotte more and more~
      Nio is a cute name too

      Oh and i remembered the eyes i ordered were 10mm in size but 8mm iris~ perfect fit
      From Captured in glass~
    12. Congrats for new doll owners! Aren´t these wee girlies so cute, each and every one!

      I got today in mail some more glass eyes, and changed Siiri´s eyes to 8mm. I got her another pair of greens (the stock eyes were lovely, but quite big looking on her) and also light brown ones to see if they would match on her hair. I decided to try the brown ones first, but will see by time if they are too close to haircolour. Still though I can courage you for having 8mm, as it seems to work out just finely. At least these eyes weren´t too small. How do you think?


      Her hair is lovely long and curly and makes her look fairy-like somehow. The clothes aren´t yet ready so I will take full portrait pics a bit later. ^^
    13. I like 8mm better because with the 10mm imo she look like a-deer-in-the-headlights :)
      Nio has 8mm blue glass eyes sorry bad pic.

    14. Aww, how cute gals you all got. ;u; My Charlotte arrived yesterday, I have no idea why it spend over a week in another city before they send it here suddenly. What is this I don't even...

      I fell in love with him/her ears. xD