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Sairin ships Internationally again??

May 12, 2005

    1. Just saw this auction of her: http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n17838904

      and well it says: Seller will ship internationally....does this mean shopping services like Celga, etc...can bid on her auctions again? And SD owners can commission her again?

      I hope so, for all the people that wanted her dolls!! :grin:

    2. This would not effect bidding services such as Rinkya and Celga because these services are used specifically for the reason of them not shipping international.

      The seller gets to ship to the japan shipping office from there the services ship to us.

      Not sure about the faceups being excepted again for international, but it would be posted oh her site if she is taking orders I would think.
    3. She's always shipped internationally, and she allows certain services to bid on her auctions. I think it's only Celga that she's blocked, since I've seen Crescent and SMJ as high bidders before.
    4. Interesting. Do you happen to know why Celga is blocked?
    5. I don't think she has blocked any services why would you think that?

      Also I don't think its possible to block services on yahoo japan as a seller.
    6. http://denofangels.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=12175

      You can block certain bidders on Y!J, just as you can on ebay. I don't know why she has Celga blocked, but either way, she does.
    7. I had an auction blocked recently. So yeah, probably if they've had bad experiences with shopping services before.
    8. She definitely had Rinkya blocked too.. I tried to bid on one of her auctions from Rinkya and couldnt(it brings up a message that the seller has blocked etc) .. so I went to crescent and won the auction.