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Sale and Promotion at Jasmines Cottage

Jun 18, 2009

    1. We are having a sale at Jasmines Cottage as well as a Coupon Promotion

      FREE SHIPPING on select Monique Gold wigs while supplies last:i
      Destiny Off Black
      Sahara Off Black
      Faith Hot Pink


      Select Eyeco Soft Glass Eyes
      Artist Tools from PanPastel

      Refer a Friend 10% Coupon Promotion
      If you are registered at jasminescottage.com you can refer a friend to shop with us. If they register at jasminescottage.com, make a purchase and give your name as a referral you will receive a 10% OFF COUPON to use on your next purchase at the Cottage (not valid on eBay).

      You can refer as many friends as you like and receive a coupon for each friend that meets this requirement. The coupon will be valid in the month that your friend makes their purchase and can be used only once. One coupon per purchase. Non transferable.

      You can register with us now to participate in this if you are not already registered.

      Happy summer!