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sale on doll related bits and pieces that may be useful

Mar 13, 2008

    1. I recieved the following in a newsletter from http://www.gildebrief.de/. This is a site for porcelain doll making, but there are lots of things that you might find useful: eyes, wigs, wings etc. They have a special to the end of the month as per below. This is an old established company and very reliable.

      25 % Anniversary Discount
      on Everything!

      ..you can find in our online shop. And if that was not enough, we will even send the goods freight-free!.
      Exception: molds and slip!

      The 25% Anniversary Discount only applies for online orders, not for orders per telephone, fax , snail mail or email.

      You will find our Online Shop here http://www.gildebrief.de/SF7/contents/en-us/front.html

      This sales promotion is valid for orders received by the 31st March 2008.

      If there are items in the shop a discount higher than 25% (as in our Special Discounts section), then only the higher discount applies. The same applies for quantity discounts.

      The 25% Anniversary Discount will NOT appear in your order confirmation which is a computer generated form you receive after you place your order. Instead, the discount will automatically be applied when we write the invoice!