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SALES EVENT - Incubus Hooves for CP Boy Bodies 20% off

May 4, 2011

    1. New order period and summer sales event until 30th June 2011.

      These hooves have been designed to fit 60cm CP Boy bodies (Type 1 + 2).
      They are 100% handmade. Each pair is handcasted in resin to match beauty white skin color.
      The color of unblushed hooves is a matching cream white.

      To avoid abration all joints are lined with thin nappa leather.

      Since these hooves are made to order, delivery time will take appr. 3-4 weeks.
      These hooves are not limited.

      More infos on my website: www.utukhu.com


      blank hooves set: 72EUR (~105USD)
      blushed hooves set: 88EUR (~130USD)
      shipping costs: Germany - 6,90EUR, worldwide - 18,05EUR (~26,50USD)

      Layaway available

    2. Wow, those look really cool! Do you plan on making female ones too?
    3. Only a side note but; If these are meant to be for a male body, weren't they supposed to be called Incubus hooves?
      As Succubus is the female... :sweat
    4. Will you be making these in NS?
    5. @Zingor: Actually, yes^^ I'm working on female hooves right now. But it will take some time to finish them (at least 2 months, I guess).

      @Bake_Neko: Thanks for your hint. You're absolutely right. How embarrassing :doh I'll correct it, immediately^^

      @Kearsy: It's planned. Though, I'm still working on the correct formula to achieve a matching NS color - at least for CP Dolls (since I do only have CP Dolls ;) ).
    6. Hi ^^

      Will your girl hooves also be for CP Delfs?? Do you maybe plan to do other brands later such as Souldoll Zenith?
    7. Hello! Will these be LE or will you continue to sell them for a while?
    8. If you want to discuss or ask questions about products offered by Utukhu other than these Delf boy hooves, please use the PM system, not this thread.
    9. New order period and sales event. Please see first post for information.

      @LittleNerdyOTAKU: They are not limited ;)