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Sales Promotion and new products from Ringdoll is coming in Mar

Feb 27, 2010

    1. www.ringdoll.com

      Dear Ringdoll Family Members,

      March 10th will be Ringdoll’s first birthday. We truly appreciate your love and support to us in the past one year. Without you, Ringdoll family cannot grow so fast at all. We will try honestly best to create more and more lovely dreamy dolls and doll accessories in the future. Your satisfaction is the golden key that always keeps RD improving her product quality and service.

      Up to now, all kinds of RD dolls have been sold out because of your favors. I hereby thank you all again on the behalf of all RD family members. In the coming month, we will rebuild the RD IT system, take Ringdoll Product Team and Customer Service Team upgraded onto a new level in order to serve their inside and outside customers better and more effectively.

      Ringdoll’s first birthday is on Mar 10 2010. To celebrate the 1st anniversary, Ringdoll will release Sales Promotion No.2 activities to treat customers back. The first one is coming as follows:

      From Mar 10, 2010 – to April 31, 2010

      Pick any one 63cm full-set doll of RD, you can get a $70 discount as a gift from Ringdoll anniversary committee;
      Pick any one 43cm full-set doll of RD, you can get a $40 discount as a gift from Ringdoll anniversary committee;
      (for the new dolls in Mar, only DoA members and BJDcollectasy members' orders are available to get the discount gift)

      Anything you need, please email to

      sales@ringdoll.com or service@ringdoll.com. There are four professional sales servers always waiting your request and trying to help.

      Our Official Paypal address is : ringdoll2008@gmail.com

      Again, thanks for your trust !


    2. hello, just a question, is the height "63cm" already including the head? (because they seem to look so tall like a 70cm, like Pan there)
    3. hi Dear,
      Thanks for your admiration on Ringdoll products!
      The "63cm" means the total height of Ringdoll Teenage Doll on www.ringdoll.com ^^
      Our 72cm Doll is coming in April 2010.
    4. Is the Valo fullset limited?
    5. The mechanical hand only comes in ring teenager size (sd) right? If so, please consider making a ring kid size (msd) one too! xD
    6. I see... How big (he length) is the msd arm? Can it fit onto other msd's as well? (Specifically, a DoC)
    7. I've asked RingDoll this question, I'll post the answer once I hear back from them.

      SD13 boys have slightly larger measurements for their waist and hips. I haven't yet tried a RingDoll outfit on a Volks, but my guess is it would be a bit snug. SD girls have larger hips then the boys so I don't think the pants would fit.
    8. The length from the elbow to the wrist is 6.5cm, from the elbow to the end of the hand it's 10.2cm. As of right now we don't know what other BJD's the arm will fit.
    9. Ok, I have a DOC Type2 boy and I've measured his arm. From his wrist to his elbow (including the joint piece), his arm is about 6cm, and and 10 cm if you include the hand. So the whole piece probably wouldn't be too long, but the proportions are likely different. It might not look to bad, really.

      The other question I would ask though, is what is the circumference of the arm? Even if the length is ok, it might be too skinny or thick to fit a DOC. A DOC Type2 Boy arm is 6cm at the widest point and 5.3cm at the wrist.
    10. The widest part is 6.2cm in circumference, the wrist is 3.5cm.
    11. Mint on Card is also offering the RingDoll Anniversary Promotion #2. :apresent:

      Customers who purchase a 63cm, (Large), FullSet doll will receive a $70.00 discount!
      Customers who purchase a 43cm, (Mini), FullSet doll will receive a $40.00 discount!

      The discount will be applied to your order AFTER you place it! We will email you to confirm that $70.00 or $40.00 has been removed from your total. Discount only applies to FullSet doll orders. Layaway orders are included in this promotion. Orders must be received by 5:00pm US Eastern time on April 29th to receive the discount.
      *Promotion has ended! See post #15!*

      The new dolls that will be coming out in April will not be included in this promotion. If you have any questions please PM me or Email us.


      Mint on Card, Inc

      RingDoll Teen (Large) Discussion Thread

      RingDoll Mini Discussion Thread

      RingDoll Waiting Room
    12. RingDoll has informed us that they made a mistake when contacting their dealers and posting here on DoA about this event. The event was intended to run until the end of March, not April. The event is now officially over, anyone who ordered a FullSet doll from us on April 1st will still get the discount promised!

      RingDoll apologizes for this mistake.