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*Salon de CoCo*Limited Doll ~ Halloween Clara~

Oct 18, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      New BJD shopping mall * Salon de CoCo * has released new limited doll for Halloween day!

      Violin CoCo "Clara" the Halloween limited edition full set

      Limited just 5 in worldwide.
      Size: 26cm doll (Please refer to the web site of the specific body size)

      Composition: Normal skin Clara head and body parts(Halloween limited face make-up),
      Halloween limited dress full set (two of hair accesarries, choker, corset,
      shorts, pumpkin skirt, overskirt, over knee socks, customized shoes)
      14mm pale blue acrylic eyes, Halloween limited brown curl wig,
      limited blanket, limited box, authorized certificate

      * Order: E-mail order, and which are sent by the first 5 arrivals
      ** Order period: October 19(Wed)~October 31(Mon) 23:59

      (The order mail has to be sent by October 31 23:59)

      If you have any question or want to have more information,
      you may send the E-mail to me : cocosalon@naver.com / a_tica@naver.com
      And you can visit our web site!

      Direct URL for Halloween limited
      Click here!