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Salon de CoCo:: Sweet Valentine limited edition full set Mierty

Feb 13, 2012

    1. [​IMG]

      * Salon de CoCo * has released new limited doll for sweet Valentine's day!:aheartbea

      Violin CoCo "Mierty" the sweet Valentine limited edition full set
      Limited just 10 in worldwide.
      Size: 26cm doll (Please refer to the web site of the specific body size)

      : Normal skin Mierty head and body parts(sweet Valentine limited face make-up),
      sweet Valentine limited dress full set(mini dress, frill collar, pumpkin pants, cordon, over knee socks, special boots, chocolate deco hat)
      14mm yellow-gray acrylic eyes, soft curl blond wig(mohair), ​
      limited blanket, limited box, authorized certificate

      * Order: E-mail order or web site order, and which are sent to the first 10 arrivals
      ** Order period: February 14(Tues)~February 22(Wed) 23:59

      If you have any question or want to have more information,
      you may send the E-mail to me : cocosalon@naver.com / a_tica@naver.com

      And you can visit our web site! http://salondecoco.net
      Direct URL for sweet Valentine limited Click here!