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Samantha Herren / herrendolls

Oct 20, 2008

    1. Hello everyone!

      Okay, so more detailed info on these beauties; here's a supereficient info quote from Lopmon! [/hijack]

      I guess this means they're made to order, which might account for the rather high price of the Samanthas, at least. :Ð

      Samantha Herren flickr gallery

      Sae Yan flickr gallery

      Q-pito flickr gallery
    2. they do look pretty! they also reminded me of narae girls, they would make lovely sisters!
      but 780 dollars?? that's alot! are they limited or something??
      I hope they will be allowed on the board, and not banned for beeing to much of a fashiondoll!
      I'm also curious for more information...
    3. Not wearing my Official Mod Hat, but they look on-topic to me.

      I wonder if this sculptor went to Bimong's school? His students seem to come out with a touch of his distinctive style, especially in terms of hand sculpts . . .

      -- A :)
    4. Mrs A.H Doll herself..:) =)

      i think it was written Studio Bimong member...somewhere in the korean site ....
    5. Hehehe, this thread was actually intended to focus on the Samantha Herren dolls themselves. :lol: I LOVE Bambola, she is so vintage/pin-up! She looks like a vintage Barbie in her striped swimsuit.

      Anywho, since the poor webpage isn't holding up our curious eyes, here are some flickr galleries!

      Samantha Herren doll
      These look like they could definitely be Narae's older sister. They also have bigger boobs! :o Their heads are smaller than my unoas by a whole centimetre, so I guess their proportions are more realistic. :Ð

      I would love to have a Bambola! Even with only the painted on cropped hair, her proportions are so adorable! I love her thick thighs with her tiny feet, nyargh!
    6. Q.Pito was sculpted by the same person that sculpted Narsha and Zaoll, Gu Mi-Jung, who was a student of Bimong, but it appears that Bambola (and possibly Samantha Herren) were created by different sculpters - there are links on herrendoll.com to the dolls stories on Flickr and Bambola was created by Jung-Hee Park.
    7. The more I look at Samantha the more I love her. She seems quite leggy and sexy. I wonder if the artist uses the UV protect French resin?
    8. I love Sea Yan...

      The artist of Herrendoll is Gu Mi Jung.. Who is the artist of Banji, Narsha and Zaoll.

    9. I don't think they sell the dolls without a face-up, so I believe that would be included in the price for all the dolls. $780 is only for Samantha #3, the tan version, the other two are $730. Here's what it says they are included with:

      -assembled body, eyeball(random), wig(random), box, cushion, make-up head,
      shoes, outfit

      So it's a fullset doll. ^^ I don't know anything about fashion dolls, but I have to wonder if Samantha is geared towards that clientele. As far as I know, that would make the price reasonable.

      Have you guys tried using a different browser? I'm using Opera and the entire sign-up/login process has been a breeze. Once you are signed in, you can see the prices and Q&A and add items to the cart. I haven't actually tried checking out yet, but I have gone as far as adding shipping costs.
    10. Does anyone think #3 default looks sorta like Rihanna? The skin tone isn't quite right, but the wig is spot on!
    11. Thats were ive seen those lovely hands from!!

      Ah i love sea yan...but they are all out of my price range for a long long time!
    12. That's what I thought RIGHT AWAY when I saw her thumbnail. Gorgeous. I definitely want her...

      This company looks interesting. The other dolls, aside from Samantha, aren't quite to my liking. But I'll be looking forward to seeing more from this company in the future, perhaps?

      Meanwhile, I'll be drooling over this tan Samantha...
    13. Looks like there are new basic versions of Samantha that will be sold on a limited basis per month. Herrendoll Basics. It quite a bit cheaper than the full sets at $560 without a face-up. The face-up by the sculptor is $135(seems bit steep for a face-up to me), but one from just the company is $55.
      The basics are comparable with Narindoll's french resin prices in my opinion.

      I just hope they come out with a tan basic.
    14. Basic doll #2 is Tan in color, just like my Narin a lovely French Tan at that! I don't like the Basic #1 since that is Pinky White French Resin and that will yellow rather quickly, love the high heel feet and boobs she has.
    15. I believe they are french resin, yes. I'm wondering if they've added any additive to prevent yellowing.
    16. Thinking about purchasing but i don't see feedbacks (anywhere) - so, i can wait a feedback to SH and then i'll decide:)

      Update: i found a measurements.
    17. I have Samantha #3 with a face up from the artist. I just received her a week ago. She is a beautiful tan resin and a very unique size. I really love her size. No kicky legs...stands great...very sexy body...gorgeous face up. She is a beautiful doll with beautiful resin and Im so happy that I ordered her.

      I haven't taken pictures of her because I needed to buy Lithium batteries for my camera...which I just bought yesterday. I'll take some pictures this weekend and share them.
    18. I saw that everybody was impatient to see real pic of Samantha Herren so here she is !:D